Examining the efficiency of the Bruin lineup

Or, as SJH asks, I shall deliver. The linked post raised the issue of comparison between the efficiency of our starting 5 and the bench, as well as comparing particular players on a per minute basis. In light of this, I have calculated the per minute statistics in 5 categories [points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocked shots] for each of the scholarship players on this year's roster. I will present two sets of these statistics: One set consist of the entire season to date, while the second set reflects games played since the Pac-10 opener (Pac-10 play + Notre Dame). The first set has the advantage of a larger sample size, while the latter better reflects the state of the team at this point, as well as the stronger level of competition which the team now faces.

The season-long data set:

Points/Rebounds/Assists/Steals/Blocks (per minute played)

Collison: 28 games, 31.5 mpg:  0.47    0.07    0.16    0.052    0.005
Holiday: 28 games, 26.6 mpg:   0.34    0.14    0.13    0.055    0.017
Shipp: 26 games, 28.3 mpg:      0.48    0.11    0.06    0.046    0.014
Dragovic: 27 games, 22.6 mpg: 0.39    0.16    0.06    0.036    0.015
Aboya: 28 games, 27.0 mpg:     0.37    0.22    0.02    0.030    0.008
Roll: 28 games, 17.8 mpg:         0.42    0.08    0.08    0.036    0.016
Keefe: 27 games, 15.0 mpg:     0.20    0.24    0.02    0.030    0.010
Lee: 23 games, 11.0 mpg:         0.31    0.14    0.06    0.052    0.079
Gordon: 28 games, 10.7 mpg:  0.35    0.33    0.02    0.060    0.040
Anderson: 28 games, 8.7 mpg: 0.29    0.07    0.13    0.049    0.020
Morgan: 18 games, 5.6 mpg:     0.46    0.20    0.04    0.010    0.100

The statistics dating from the start of conference play:

Points/Rebounds/Assists/Steals/Blocks (per minute played)

Collison: 16 games, 33.2 mpg:  0.45    0.07    0.14    0.041    0.004
Holiday: 16 games, 26.8 mpg:   0.29    0.13    0.14    0.042    0.012
Shipp: 16 games, 30.1 mpg:      0.48    0.09    0.06    0.031    0.015
Dragovic: 16 games, 26.3 mpg: 0.42    0.16    0.05    0.043    0.007
Aboya: 16 games, 28.2 mpg:     0.38    0.22    0.03    0.024    0.009
Roll: 16 games, 17.9 mpg:         0.39    0.06    0.07    0.042    0.021
Keefe: 15 games, 11.7 mpg:     0.18    0.23    0.01    0.021    0.007
Gordon: 16 games, 10.8 mpg:  0.33    0.26    0.02    0.052    0.029
Lee: 12 games, 8.9 mpg:           0.21    0.15    0.03    0.056    0.019
Anderson: 16 games, 7.8 mpg: 0.23    0.06    0.14    0.048    0.008
Morgan: 7 games, 3.7 mpg:       0.54    0.12    0.04    0.000    0.038

The statistics do shed light on a few areas of interest which have come up on this site form time to time. On a per-minute basis, Drew Gordon has been the team's most efficient rebounder, as well as the most efficient in creating steals and blocked shots. Josh Shipp has been the team's most efficient scorer, slightly besting DC. After a slow start to the season, Nicola Dragovic has become the team's 3rd most efficient scorer.

For all of his recent, much discussed struggles, Jrue Holiday has been the equal of DC in creating assists and steals on the defensive side of the ball. Malcolm Lee rates equal to or better than the other Bruin wings in rebounding, steals and blocked shots. James Keefe rates as the #2 rebounder on the team, but rates as the least efficient scoring threat, as well as on the lower end of the list in steals and blocks.

While the conclusions which one takes from these stats may differ, I do think that a case can be made for giving Drew Gordon and Malcolm Lee additional playing time. The trick is juggling the lineup as to minimize any harm to the team's scoring ability, while realizing the potential benefit in rebounding and in these (admittedly limited) defensive metrics.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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