Eric Maynor Show

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Don't know how to embed videos on here (N maybe you can put this up) but here is a video called the "Eric Maynor Show" which was the last 2 minutes of VCU's win over George Mason.

From watching the video, here are some things that are evident:

  • Maynor is VCU. The bad thing about this is if he goes off, we could be in trouble. The good thing is if we stop him, we stop VCU. Maynor only had 15 points in VCU's loss to Oklahoma.
  • Maynor goes for steals. The George Mason player was sloppy bringing the ball up and Maynor had quick hands and took it from him. DC won't be this sloppy playing in what could be his last game.
  • Maynor isn't that athletic. He isn't like the Washington guards who are super quick. He is more of a change of tempo guard which gets him space on bad defenders. I think JH or ML could handle him pretty well.
  • Maynor isn't that big either. This means that DC might get some time on him. However, DC will probably be put on the 5-10 Rodriguez.
  • They average 7 3s a game, George Mason defended the 3 well, and VCU still won.
  • George Mason isn't that good and they had VCU beat until the last 2 minutes. The good thing is that George Mason isn't very good and VCU had a tough time against them. The bad thing is VCU and Maynor showed the heart to pull out the victory.
  • Not in the video but in Maynor's stats, he is turnover prone. He averages 3 turnovers a game, had a game earlier in the year with 10 turnovers, and even in the George Mason game had 6.

In summary, Maynor is very good. However, he isn't on the Curry level of being the super explosive player that can win a game just by shooting the ball. He isn't a Derrick Rose type physically/athletically which should make him easier to guard. He isn't quick like the UW guards who gave us fits this year. Watching him, he reminds me of a poor man's Stephon Marbury (they even kinda look the same). He is a great player, but when you hear everyone this week pick them to upset us this week, find solace in the fact that he isn't the type of guard that has given us such trouble in the past.

As for my two cents about being in Philadelphia, I actually think it is a good thing in the sense that there is no pressure on us now. Everyone expects us to be upset by VCU and even if we do "escape" that game be beaten by a home town Villanova team. Thus, instead of feeling the pressure of "will they make a 4th final four" the team gets to cruise under the radar and be away from all the hubub of friends and family getting tickets. I am expecting to hear a lot of "Us against the world" talk this week and expect a great game on Thursday.

Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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