Couldn't have worked out any better ...

Again this was from the morning edition of today's LAT:

Asked if he had spoken to Floyd, Garrett said, "He'll come to me and tell me what he's decided. That's how it works."

Floyd, 55, was wooed by Louisiana State a year ago, which offered a multi-million contract. Floyd turned it down and said at the time, "This is my last job at SC."

Said Garrett: "If people don't want to be here they can go somewhere else. And if Tim has decided that, I thought he was a great coach and we've just got to find another great coach."

Could Garrett's tone of disdain be any clearer for Timmeh? By the end of the day Timmeh was in total damage control mode:

"I listened, I heard what they had to say," Floyd said. "But there is something really special about building your own traditions and your own history."

He acknowledged that in addition to meeting with Arizona, he had also talked to Memphis, saying, "At the end of the day I have a great situation here."

Uh huh. Yeah if he had such a great situation in South Central then why exactly he took the trip down to Arizona? LOL Why bother talking to Memphis (he could have just rebuffed their overture through his agents?

Why exactly is Timmeh so eager? Does he know about something that we don't all know about? Sanctions?

Meanwhile, rest of the college hoops world already know what kind of character Timmeh is. Here are some reactions on's Zona message board when the news broke about Timmeh possibly going to Zona (emphasis added):

Read it as well...Well I will not support Arizona basketball until he is gone....It kills me to say that but I cannot support that Slimey P.O.S.


I am very upset. We just hired a very shady character who wins with one and done players. He is the anti Olson, and I think we will regret this decision.


Sad, Sad day for Arizona basketball. Lute Olson retires after running a clean program for almost 30 years and we hire a guy who if you listed the Top Dirties Coaches in the game today he would make the list with ease.

At least someone tried to provide those poor souls some sort of silver lining:

Hey guys look at the bright side, your Class of 2020 is filled already!


At the end of the day, Dixon stays in Pittsburgh, developing as a good coach. Back in LA we still get to have JustSC under a shady character (hey it's not us saying it) whose boss clearly is not a big fan of him, flailing around with a program built with mercenaries, head cases, and graduates from diploma mills.

As I said it couldn't have worked out any better. Thanks again Timmeh.


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