Spaulding Roundup: Football News & Notes

Tuesday roundup begins with a little update on Aundre Dean. As we learned few weeks ago Dean will be exploring his options to transfer out this off season. The LAT has a report on schools Dean might be considering:

"He will go some place where he has the opportunity to play," Jennifer Dean said. "He has listed about 14 schools he is going to look at. We already have a couple of visits scheduled."

Among those will be Texas, Texas Christian and Texas A&M. Dean, who gained 5,488 yards in high school, originally committed to Texas A&M before switching to UCLA.

In case you guys missed "BigDean" posted this here on BN the day we found out Aundre was looking to transfer:

Hey Guys…. Making the decision to transfer from a "UCLA" is one of the hardest decisions that this young man has ever made… right there next to choosing UCLA. He is comfortable and confident that he has performed, on and off the field, as a true champion. He has done everything that was asked and expected and in many instances surpassed expectations. So, please keep in mind that this decision was not made without a lot of advice and true soul searching. He has ALWAYS been and continues to be absolutely positive about the school, program, coaching staff and teammates. Aundre competed. He was a true Bruin and believed in the system. But….. he HAS the skill set to become a dominating RB. If the opportunity does not exist at UCLA (for whatever reason) it would be silly not look else ware, especially since so many other top programs are looking for a Student Athlete, just like him, to fill the roll. I know he will truly miss his teammates, coaches, fans and friends at UCLA.

I really hoped it all worked out for him in Westwodd because he and his folks have been great to UCLA. The selfish part of me wants him to reach the conclusion that he comes back after he has done all the exploring. But I understand the reality of kid wanting to do what's best for him. Good luck to Aundre.

While Aundre is leaving JC transfer Branden Warner is still working to get through hurdles to get into UCLA:

I am told UCLA is still awaiting the transcripts of Compton College defensive tackle Branden Warner, who is supposed to enroll next month and compete for a starting spot in August training camp.
I was told he is supposed to take care of his tuition bill this week (maybe even today) and the transcripts should be released to UCLA shortly thereafter.
However, UCLA will still have to look them over and make sure he took and passed the necessary classes before he can be admitted to the school.

Anyone want to bet whether his bills would be an issue if he had committed to U$C*? (I keed).


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