Ignorant & Comical Hypocrisy: Bill Plaschke Steps Up To Defend His Trojan Lords

Again no need to link garbage but I will offer up these surreal grafs from Splashme's latest drivel:

This is also about something much bigger and more important than football, that being the university's reputation within the community that has helped it become so strong.

I know some big USC donors. They are among the smartest and most passionate people in town, and I can't believe they approve of the perception that the athletic program is out of control.

I know coaches in other USC sports. They are national champions and among the best in their business, and I can't believe they are comfortable watching their entire program painted with this same arrogant brush.

I know people all over the country are digesting the chaos and are now comparing USC to some athletic factories offering garage diplomas, and I can't believe that I actually have to defend its reputation.

Yes he went there. He is defending U$C*'s reputation.  And he specifically talked about - wait for it, wait for it - U$C*'s academic reputation:

At a place where the ethical standards in the classroom are apparently far different from those in the locker room? At a place that preaches leadership but practices gamesmanship?

ROFL. Billy is lecturing about Trojan "ethical standards" in the same week stories are out about U$C* getting caught cheating and rigging it's academic rankings. And then Bill offers up this as an excuse for staying silent on this story:

I have purposely tried to stay out of this fray for months, figuring that it was unfair to make sweeping generalizations until the NCAA investigation into the football and basketball programs was complete.

Oh, I see. Billy thought it would be unfair to make a sweeping generalization despite of years of mounting allegations of improprieties right under your nose, yet you had no problem putting on a blind fold keep declaring prematurely how Pete Carroll has been running a football program that "follows the rules."

Not only that Bill ends with taking shots at Steve Sample, the President of U$C*:

For further insight, I checked out a book written by Sample entitled, "The Contrarian's Guide to Leadership."

On the back cover, there are quick hits of his philosophies. One of them is, "Shoot your own horse. Don't force others to do your dirty work."

So now we know.

Shoot your own horse, unless you are having too much fun riding him.

Don't force others to do your dirty work, unless the "others" are the NCAA and the dirty work would soil your football tickets.

That's nice but no where in the piece Billy bothers to mention how lot of this has been happening right under the nose of the most high profile employee at U$C: not Steve Sample, but Pom Pom Carroll, the guy he has been puffing up for years as the one who "follows the rules."

Turns out that Billy is not only an uninformed and ignorant sports commentator, he is also a big hypocrite writing just to please his Trojan footbal lords.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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