More On LA Times' Plaschke, Pete Carroll's Trojan Patsy

Let me expand a little more on the ignorant and comical hypocrisy in Bill Plaschke's column in the LA Times today in which he shows up a millennium late and trillions of dollars short to the most blockbuster college sports scandal happening right under his nose.

So Plaschke offers up pathetic excuses for "purposely" staying "out of this fray for months" because he didn't think it was fair to make "sweeping generalizations."  He laid out that doozy even though he had no problem prematurely how Pete Carroll has been running a football program that "follows the rules." So now he tries to ride in on his high horse going after Steve Sample and Mike Garrett.

That is nothing but weak sauce from a Pete Carroll patsy who somehow convieniently left Petey's name from the column.

This is from the same guy who had no problem wasting his column space and doing reporting so that he could shred UCLA football over how it handled the scholarship situation for a walkon football player.

What? Folks don't remember the story of Billy going after UCLA for Andrew Baumgartner? Folks don't rember Plaschke doing some "investigative" reporting work, making some phone calls so that he could rip and embarrass UCLA football in an ignorant "sports column" about how UCLA committed some kind of huge crime because it took away a temporary scholarship from a walkon football player? Never mind the fact that in that particular instance Dorrell/UCLA administrative staff did screw up in how they commuicated with the Baumgartners regarding his temporary scholarship situation. But the key point is the kind of attention Plaschke gave to that minor story compared to how he has completely stayed radio silent until his weak sauce column in which he left out the biggest figure in U$C athletics: Petey Carroll.

The scandals at U$C* has been the biggest national story in college athletic scene for weeks if not months. Yet all this time Plaschke has written nothing except sucking up to Pete Carroll. He certainly doesn't appear to have spend the same effort in ripping into UCLA football over a minor scholarship story while scandals after scandals were exploding all over Petey and Timmeh's program.  And now he comes up with this weak sauce today going after Sample. Give me a break.

Yeah that's real couragous Bill.

Plaschke is a perfect example of why people have so little confidence in the sad and pathetic state of Southern California's traditional sports media today.

What a complete joke.


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