E.J. Woods Looking To Go Where He Really Belongs

We have known for a while that E.J. Woods have been looking to transfer out of UCLA's football program. Apparently he has made it official:

UCLA announced today that safety E.J. Woods is no longer part of the team.

Woods, a 19-year-old from Encino Crespi High, said in a telephone interview today that he will transfer to Santa Monica College, enrolling this afternoon, with intentions to be there through December before attempting to enroll in another four-year university in the Pac-10 to play football next season.

Woods said he will not try to rejoin the UCLA football team.

"I wouldn’t come back [to UCLA]," Woods said. "I’m definitely going to try to come back to the Pac-10. I’m going to work extremely hard this year in junior college to get better physically, get better mentally and just to mature a little bit, and then go back to a four-year, finish my time there and then go to the NFL. That’s the plan."

And guess where he wants to go when he is ready to come back to a 4 year school:

When asked which Pac-10 schools he was considering, the only one he mentioned was USC. When asked why he was interested in the Trojans, he said their defensive style of play suited him better.

"I’m more in-the-box, coming off the edge, playing like … Troy Polamalu." Polamalu is a former Trojan and current Pittsburgh Steelers safety.

Uh huh. Sure E.J. Of course there is this part of the story:

Currently, Woods is facing six charges of battery and sexual battery stemming from three incidents at off-campus apartments between October and January, said a spokesman in the the Los Angeles city attorney’s office. Woods' pre-trial hearing will be held on July 31, the spokesman added.

Well now that E.J. has let the cat out of the bag and professed his desire to be a Trojie, it's just a matter of time those charges will get dismissed or "resolved." And when he is ready to come back he will be able to seamlessly fit in with the Pom Pom's band of merry (alleged) criminals from cross town.

It was pretty clear after the news broke of E.J. getting in trouble with the law he was not going to get any kind of special treatment from Neuheisel's program at UCLA. If he is looking for coddling of football players who gets in off-field trouble, he will fit in perfectly with Pom Pom's program in South Central.

I guess this works out well for everyone. We are getting rid of someone who never fit in with the culture of UCLA, while U$C* gets someone who will fit in perfectly with the reputation of the most scandalous athletic program in the recent history of college sports. Good luck E.J. but no one here will miss you.


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