Photo Blogging Of Sunday Football Practice At UCLA

Bumped. Love this kind of posts from folks letting us peak into the practice. GO BRUINS. -N

Ok, so I dont have Ryebreadaz's awesome practice evaluation skills, but here is my effort to let you know some of the little things about practice on Sunday:Dsc02144_medium

My parents and I went over to Spaulding on Sunday to watch practice.  We parked our car and as soon as we got out, we could hear LOUD music!  I realized it was coming from the practice field.  Apparently at the beginning of practice when they warm up, they pipe music onto the field.  I have no idea what song it was (I'm clearly getting old) but it was pumping me up just walking in there to watch!

I'm not sure what the crowds are like on other days, but there were a fair amount of fans sitting in the bleachers.  It was a perfect day to sit out there in the sun and watch these guys work hard.  At one point I heard yelling coming from one end of the field.  The offense does some running drills and they really get vocal!  I love seeing this kind of energy and passion. 

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We watched the offense and defense do their own drills and then come together and run plays.  I was impressed with some players that seeemed to stand out to me.  Gavin Ketchum looked good on this play:

Another guy that actually impressed me was Jerry Johnson.  I'm not sure how much playing time he will get, but he caught every ball that was thrown to him.  He caught this one and took it to the house:

Johnathan Franklin got a fair aount of carries on Sunday and he was FUN to watch!  #23 had big yardage here:


This was a tough set up for the offense.  The ball was placed at about the 2 and with our defense, it was TOUGH to get out:

Although, Moya did break out at one point...

For more pictures from Sunday's practice, click here.

I was also impressed with Derrick Coleman and Rickey Marvray.  Coleman looks great - he seems just as big, but all muscle now.  I have read recently that he has added a lot of muscle and that was very apparent in person.   Marvray seemed anything but a freshman.  He just looked so mature out there and ready to play.  He was getting more reps because Carroll was out and he made the most of them!

Unfortunately I don't have a picture or great details, but at one point there was a little fight between Larimore and someone else.  I couldn't see who the other guy was (sorry) but man, Larimore tackled him and would not let him up.  Then the guy on the ground was pulling Larimore down and it went back and forth for a minute.  Eventually they both got up and they were definitely fired up.  I loved seeing that competitive spirit and passion from these guys.

Practice ended after a couple of hours and we were able to talk to Neuheisel, Price and Ekbatani - who is hoping for the best with his knee and is anxious to get back out there! 

Is it September 5th yet?


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