Quick Notes About Practice Schedule & Photos

Bumping this up because practice closes after today. GO BRUINS. -N

By all accounts it's been fun couple of weeks for those who have been able to check out UCLA football practices at Spaulding:

Photo Credit: E. Corpuz

That fun is going to stop after this Monday as UCLA will be closing its practices in preparation for its first game of the season (now that should get everyone more excited). Here is the official announcement from Morgan Center sent to us via email:

This Monday, August 24, will be the final football practices open to the public. The Bruins will begin installing the game plan for San Diego State on Tuesday and all practices will be closed at that point.

Open Practice Schedule

Friday, August 21 - 4:00 - 6:00 pm on Spaulding Field

Saturday, August 22 - 5:00 pm scrimmage at Drake Stadium

Monday, August 24 - 9:00 - 11:00 am and 4:00 - 6:00 pm on Spaulding Field.

Fan are reminded not to take photos or video during the practice session

In other words, if you are out in Westwood today, take it all in, until we get to see the boys storm out of the Rose Bowl tunnel on September 5th.

Two quick notes re. pictures. First, per our communication with UCLA "tight shots of players or coaches are acceptable." So as long as you are not posting pictures of "beginning of plays, showing offensive and defensive formations," you are good.

Second, and this is important, a huge thanks to E. Corpuz, dabruins07, uclafans11, Scotucla03, who have shared their pictures with this community throughout last two weeks. I can't really thank them enough for letting us get a peak into these practices. If you are reading this thread, I think it would be good if you guys can thank them as well. It's the least we can do to show our appreciation.


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