Color Coordination at the Rose Bowl or Pauley

Bumped. Good discussion below on how we can make Rose Bowl (and Pauley) look like the shot below all the time from all angles (as much as possible). Also, attention if you are member of the Bruin Den, this would be a good thread for you to chime in and discuss how to turn the entire stadium wearing "true blue" (Again see the photo below for reference). GO BRUINS. -N

Photo Credit: maveric2003 (flickr)

What up Bruins Nation?  I hope this fan post finds you all well, happy and excited.  I wanted to pose a question and see if we can come to a resolution.  I have always been curious, especially in recent years, as to why we aren't color coordinated on Saturdays at the Rose Bowl or at Pauley for that matter?  When you look at Ohio State, Tennessee, Penn State, Michigan, etc. you see a beautifully-coordinated stadium with a sea of their color.  It seems almost fake, that's how organized they are, like a stadium straight out of EA Sports.

I have heard several reasons, although I don't believe we have to just concede and accept things the way they are.  The main reason I hear is due to the location we live in.  The fact that we are California fans, especially Southern, and enjoy the luxury of having so many other professional teams to cheer for that we just don't get as excited for, or are hardcore about, our Bruins.  While that is a true statement, that California has the most professional teams, I don't believe that should have any relevance, or be the answer, as to why we can't simply put on that powder blue whenever we're at the game.

I assume since we live in Southern California that we are at least as well-off as people living in Ohio, enough to confidently assume we all own at least one powder blue UCLA shirt or jersey.  Then why does the Rose Bowl never look like a sea of the most gorgeous color known to man?  We're also have the best basketball program in the country but yet Pauley faces the same issue.  I mean I assume we're all hardcore fans if we show up to the stadium right?  It just doesn't make sense, why something so simple is something we've never been able to do?  How amazing would it be for Bruin pride, intimidation, unity and just the overall pleasant experience we get to enjoy a few times out of the year if we did that?

Any suggestions, comments or reasons would be great.  However, it is really simple, just wear powder blue!  Do your part to make sure you always wear it and that the people you go with always wear it.  If every one of you leads your group into buying into it I'm sure we can get Pauley and the Rose Bowl glowing with that gorgeous blue like it deserves.

Thanks for all your posts, I greatly enjoy reading them every day.  Take care.

Go Bruins and Bruin Nation

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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