Pregame Guesses?

In another thread, captainqtp asked about the guessing game that we did last year and wondered what we were going to do with it this year.

This is how I responded (then it was suggested to me that I put up my response as a fanpost).


I must confess ...

that last year I got in over my head with the guessing game.

I really, really like writing the initial posts and setting up the questions. But I am a total klutz when it comes to Excel and doing spread sheets and data entry and I found totaling each weeks answers and posting the results a very frustrating experience. I could never get it right and it would take me several tries before I was sure I had done it properly.

That’s why I gave up. It wasn’t just the time it took (thought that was a lot of it) it was just a pain in the neck.

When Nestor asked me about it this morning, I told him how I felt and he suggested I just lay it out for everyone and see if there was someone or someones who would be willing to work with me on the contest. I even said I’d toss in a t-shirt from the bookstore or something like that if that’s what it took.

Bottom line: I’m willing to write the guesses every week, but I need some help with the rest of it.

Anyone want to help out?


I'll even do this:

I'll put up a pregame guesses thread later today, tonight or tomorrow am at the latest. (I"ve got a crazy day starting now and won't be able to do it until later on.) I'll do it under the assumption that someone or someones will step up and volunteer to help out with this during the season. If I'm wrong and no one wants to do it, we'll just let it go. But I'll start it off later today (tomorrow am at the very latest) so that we have a Pregame Guesses for SDSU no matter what.

One last thing: Please don't offer to write me a spread sheet and just send it to me so that I can use it every week. I just don't have the time or patience to do it. I need a partner who can help me with this, not a spread sheet.


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