[Updated] A Few Words From Recruits On the Chow Situation: "Solid With UCLA"

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With all the speculation over CNC's potentially leaving for $C, one of the questions has been how this would affect recruiting. Greg Biggins at tWWL gives us a little insight into some players' heads and some more evidence of the dirty game recruiting is. From Jordon James, one of our two highly-regarded running back prospects:

"I hope coach Chow stays but either way, I'm still solid with UCLA," James said. "That's where I've always wanted to go and I'm definitely a Bruin all the way."

That's good news, to say the least. It also seems as if he is a strong enough commit to try and pull other guys in, specifically guys considering/committed to $C:

"Right now, I've been talking to a few players like George Uko and Dietrich Riley and it would be great to play with them in college. We'll just see how things work out."

The words from Paul Richardson aren't as reassuring at first, showing what sort of instability all this rumor mongering has caused even without any fact based information. I believe in CRN as a recruiter, though, and with Paul coming in this weekend for a visit I have no doubts he ends up here. The last thing he said is the most interesting:

 "I'm hearing so much stuff and a lot of other schools are even telling me that Coach Neuheisal is going to lose his job, it has been crazy. Just a lot of negative recruiting but I like UCLA a lot and that's where I want to be in the end."

CRN lose his job? That is just outright ridiculous. I probably shouldn't be surprised, considering some of the things other coaches are reported to have said, but come on, really? That takes negative recruiting to a whole new level. Again, though, I know CRN will get the job done and squash any of this refuse that gets floated around, and in the end everything is going to be just fine. GO BRUINS.


[UPDATE - 2:10PM - Captain Leebeard]

Greg Biggins spoke to another of our major recruits, our other star running back recruit Malcolm Jones. The quotations from Jones are pretty reassuring, considering he is one of our biggest recruits and is the kind of player we need at UCLA:

"I'm solid on UCLA," said Jones [...] I committed to UCLA because of the location, how comfortable I was with the school and players and the direction the program is going. I like coach Chow but I'm staying at UCLA no matter what."

He goes on to mention (I'd quote but it's behind the subscription wall) that he has been doing some recruiting for us, specifically with guys who were with him at the US Army All-American game. Knowing the players who were there, that can only mean some of the higher profile guys left on the board (Heimuli, Odighizuwa, etc.). He'll be here this weekend, too, talking us up.

It is good to see that he's not a Norm Chow commit but rather a UCLA commit. In all honesty, Malcolm's comments reflect the sort of attitude all of us should be taking (irrelevant, I guess, since NC is staying) around all the rumor-mongering that has been done and I'm sure will continue to be done by those $Cumbags across town. GO BRUINS.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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