Some Lessons Learned From Chow (Trojan Spin Generated) Fiasco

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Chow at home. Photo Credit: karthulovesyou (flickr)

1. You don't have to participate in a media-mudfest

BGC (Brother Geezer Chow) did this right. While people here, and elsewhere, were calling for him to speak up, he remained silent and did what he was doing -- visited a sick friend and called CRN. Why didn't he jump in? Because, as he said later, and I'm paraphrasing "That's not how I live." GBC is a man of integrity. And people of integrity do not let irresponsible reporters define the conversation. He very wisely did not legitimize a media circus by jumping in the center ring. Just because someone holds a microphone in your face does not mean you have to become a part of the story. You may decline. You do not have to play on their terms. GBC's refusal to participate in the rumorfest ultimately led to a clear understanding of how irresponsible the reporting was. Had he said anything, it would have been distorted and misused. He was smart enough to see that, from the get go. He knew that, in the end, both sc and the hacks (can't call them reporters) would be embarrassed. And, they were. Big time.

2. Spin, not truth, rules the day

When GBC made clear that there were no negotiations, that he had never spoken with lame, that he was not a part of the story -- the mongers (I just can't call them reporters) started to spin to save their own butts. Take a look around. You will see stories that the negotiations broke down because lame said he wanted to call his own plays. THERE WERE NO NEGOTIATIONS. No direct conversations between Chow and lame.

It takes integrity to admit that one was wrong -- very wrong. None of these hacks had the integrity to stand up and admit they were wrong. And, neither did their bosses or owners.

3. Shilly, Wolf and the bunch should be covering Rutgers.

4. CRN handled this with dignity.

I find it laughable that anyone in Los Angeles, especially those at the slimes or on the sc boards, have the audacity to continue to call him "Slick". Of all of the people from whom we were hearing -- one stood out as the beacon of reason and integrity. it was CRN. He was understanding -- he would not stand in someone's way -- and honest. Nothing he said can be challenged. He also showed poise and humor. His articulate responses made clear that we have a man of substance at the helm.

5. As I have said often, I am glad to have Norm Chow as the OC at UCLA; he will bring us success on the field.

But, I think that his greatest contributions to the program may well be that he sets an example of what it means to have integrity, judgment, loyalty, and honor. If our kids learn that from him, they will be all the much better no matter how many yards they gain or touchdowns they score.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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