Lame interviewed on Jim Rome show

I thought I'd throw a link on here as soon as I heard the interview start, then thought that since I'm on lunch, I should try to type it up to post. Past the jump is my rough transcription of the interview. Rome's questions are shown in italics. The questions and many parts of Lame's answers are somewhat paraphrased; the parts in quotes are indeed word for word from the Trojan horse's mouth (content-wise; you'll easily fill in assorted smaller words as you read). Perfect English went by the wayside in order to try to get all the content included, though I've gone back and done some editing for clarity.


(After trying this, I have even more respect for Jon Gold and his transcriptions of CNC's conference call!)

"I left a great place chance to come back home, just really a dream come true."

Life in SEC? Great, rivalries, special time, great memories.

Owe them more loyalty? "I'm very grateful for them giving me the opportunity. I was up front with AD from the start. I didn't know how I could watch $C games for years and years knowing I had turned that job down."

UT better than 14 months ago? "I know I left it better - discipline, personnel (signed a great class), there's a bright future."

Keep players? IDK, transition, "don't foresee many coming here. If they decide they don't want to go to UT, that they want to play for this staff they can contact us - a lot of them we're going there for the uniform colors, they were going there to play for our staff. We're not reaching out to any of them."

Ed reaching out? "Ed made some calls to some kids that were getting ready to enroll there to make sure they knew their options".  ...  He explained options; if that's somewhere you don't want to go, you're locked in if you attend school there.

Unethical to take players? Not if making sure they knew their options. At end of the day weren't going for interview, going for Lane, Monte, etc. A lot of decommits not looking $C, just not UT.

Thoughts on the reaction at UT being so testy? "It was mixed; a lot of business people understood why we did this. If they weren't upset I would have been scared since that meant we weren't doing good things there."

Upset because you were doing well or upset because UT embarrassed by your departure? Don't think embarrassed - they know it's a special place here...Heisman winners, nat'l championships. We're going from one of the top 10-top 12 jobs in college football to the #1 in job in America.

Nasty things said there - your thoughts? Lots of passion there. "We also had to pay them a substantial amount to get out of there. I don't like that we had to leave, but it was something we couldn't turn down."

Leave again if you get a better offer? "There is nothing better than U$C."

NFL back of your mind? No, it's a great place, but I love college football. Pete gets one pick; we get the best picks in America.

Talk to Chow? Offered? "No, I did not talk to him. I think he's a great coach...he has a great offense...I think he's happy where he's at. I never spoke with Norm. " Excited to be here with Dad, Ed, we're going to build a great staff.

Truly felt like I was home again.

Sunk in? No. Just trying to get a staff, make connection to players.

Staff - from college or pro? Probably both.

When you and I talked while you were at UT, you had a philosophy of getting attention by being brash? [I don't recall the exact word Rome used, but it wasn't that. Same idea though.]  Absolutely not. At UT attention had fallen off. Since there was not a lot of attention, we had to do that. We don't have to here: it's U$C. We need to coach football really well; we need to go recruit.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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