An Unbiased Look at Kiffin: From Wash. Post's Sally Jenkins

Assessments of Lane Kiffin could be expected to be biased in South Central, Westwood, Oakland, Knoxville, and Gainesville.  So on a business trip to D.C. I picked up the Washington Post of Jan. 14.  Here are some of the nuggets in Sally Jenkins' article, "Kiffin is a symptom of a diseased system," with my commentary.

1.  "Kiffin is the face of modern college football.  Every problem of the current system is reflected in his treacherous person."

Comment: disloyal, even traitorous.  Check.

2.  "Let's pause and consider Kiffin's accomplishments.  His career win-loss record... is 12-21... His academic credentials consist of a bachelor's degree in leisure service management... ... he has already built a reputation as an ambitious liar, and an energetic cheat.   ... a stunning determination to do whatever it takes to get ahead."

Comment: did not earn job based on merit, academic joke (academics not relevant at USC), liar, cheat, ends justify means.  Check times five.

3.  "Kiffin apparently never met a rule he didn't flout or skirt. ... recruiting hostesses, who apparently acted as semi-seductresses...  ... one parent complained of the brazenness with which one hostess rubbed her breasts against his son."

Comment: 6 secondary violations in first 7 months.  Hostesses (ho's for short) not included in these 6, as they came to light later.  He lies and Ogre cheats on Day 1 at the University of Sports not College. So rulebreaking and immorality.  Check times two.  (And both "hostesses" will be on the Internet so future dates/spouses can wonder which one arouses high schoolers.)

4.  "... had to dismiss two players for armed robbery, including his star recruit, whom he had boasted of luring away from Florida."

Comment: thugs and criminals are worth bragging about.  Check.

5.  Kiffin selected instead of "hiring someone less illustrious who is willing to build slowly, and the right way."  

Comment: willing to do what's quick and wrong, winning is all that matters.  Check.

6.  "What does Lane Kiffin stand for?  And, frankly, what does USC stand for now?"

Comment: poster boy for what is wrong in collegiate athletics, SC now stands for what it stood for throughout the Carroll era (and McKay and Robinson (1), which I will post on).

The complete write up is well worth the read.  Thank you, Sally!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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