Raiders Charging Hard After Harbaugh, Delaying Cable Firing To Screw Kiffin?

Well those are the rumors coming out of traditional media outlets. Here is the tidbit on Al Davis gunning for Harbaugh:

As the Raiders deny that they have commenced the process of interviewing potential replacements for head coach Tom Cable, reports continue to persist that the Raiders are exploring possible upgrades.

Adam Schefter of ESPN hasn't backed off his claims that the Raiders gauged the interest of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh.  Jason La Canfora of NFL Network says that the Raiders have made overtures to Harbaugh via the "back channels."

And Bay Area media guy Rich Lieberman insists that Harbaugh has met with Davis, and Lieberman suggests that a four-year, $20 million offer could get the deal done.

So stay tuned.  Though Cable might survive, there are plenty of people who think that one of the factors will be whether they can get the replacement that they want.

I am sure it will be fun for Mr. Nottingham and other Stanford recruits who will be toiling under another coach like Buddy Teevens sooner or later. If Harbaugh doesn't jump this year, it's a matter of time he is gone from the Farm either to Ann Arbor or to the NFL.

Meanwhile, here is the story on Al Davis possibly trying to screw Kiffin by delaying the firing of Cable. It's coming from Tim Kawakami from the San Jose Mercury News. Tim is pretty plugged in. He was actually the first reporter in the traditional media who floated Howland to UCLA storyline back in 2002 (IIRC). Anyway, here is Tim in the San Jose Mercury News:

Is it just me, or does it seem semi-likely that Al has delayed and delayed a decision on Tom Cable’s fate a ridiculously long time… partly in order to keep Lane Kiffin from adding Cable to his USC staff?

Kiffin says nice things about Cable, by the way, and Kiffin is the guy who brought Cable to the Raiders in 2007.

Kiffin still hasn’t hired an offensive coordinator OR offensive line coach, by the way; plus, Kiffin is handing out some large money to assistants, which is a tradition he began during his one-year stint at Tennessee (certainly not when he was the Raiders coach, of course).

Now, I don’t know if Kiffin actually wants to hire Cable or if Cable would really want to go to LA with his old boss.

But I know Cable wants to keep working-whether or not it’s in Alameda–and if there’s one school that might not be worried about Cable’s background issues, it’s USC, which just hired violation-prone Kiffin in the middle of a large NCAA investigation.

And I would think it’s safe to say that Kiffin doesn’t mind it if Al thinks he wants to hire Cable.

It’s 100% guaranteed that Al is already in a tizzy about Kiffin ending up at Al’s favorite university, and that AD would endeavor to move mountains (or delay a firing) in order to try to keep Cable from joining Kiffin.

Of course, Al could be delaying this just because he’s Al and when you wake up at 1 p.m. every day and don’t get to work until after 3, sometimes the day and the week and the half-month can get away from you.

But I think some of it has to do with the magnetic disturbance caused by Kiffin in LA, and by Al’s fear that Kiffin wants to hire Cable.

Al wants to keep Cable under his sway, if possible at least until Kiffin hires anybody else to be his OC or OL line coach.

It’s possible Cable even keeps his job into 2010 because of the Trojan effect. Al has been known to do absurd things like keeping guys he doesn’t want just to prevent them from joining a team he dislikes.

Oh come on Al. Let's make it happen. Hello Kiffin to Southern Cal was a dream come true. It will get even better if he actually hires an over-rated lunatic like Cable to round up his staff. It'd be perfect.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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