MSNBC's Commentary On Reggie Bush & My Rebuttal

A "commentary" by Michael Ventry on MSNC attempts to "boil down" options for Reggie Bush in his on going court drama, who might now be forced to give depositions in his case:

Should he reach out to Lake and pay him off to keep him quiet? That would cost him a lot of money by now, certainly a lot more than it would have if he had just written him a check in the very beginning. But in handing over some hush money, it would probably ensure that USC and the football program, and all the guys he played with who might be affected by having victories erased from the record books, would be protected because the NCAA likely would still have insufficient evidence.

That would save USC and Bush. But if Bush is dirty, then isn’t that even dirtier?

Or should Bush stubbornly go through with the case and fight Lake to the finish? Should he back up his insistence that he did nothing wrong by going toe-to-toe with Lake’s people in court?

Bush might eventually win the case. But there’s an excellent chance he could lose. By going through with the case, Bush would expose USC and many others in and around the program through depositions and testimony. If he is found to have taken extra benefits, he most certainly would lose his Heisman. USC would have victories revoked, maybe even a national championship. It could hurt recruiting and fund-raising. The name “Reggie Bush” would be stricken from the record books.

Actually, there really isn’t a good option for Bush.

Actually, there really is.  

Don't you think the Trojan alumni can find plenty of money to pay the settlement -- in return for a confidentiality clause, so no one will ever know what really happened -- and even give Reggie a little extra for himself?  Maybe Cheat Pete, the highest-paid private university employee in the land, could chip in a bit.

After all, this is the University of Sports not College, also known as University of Soiled Championships.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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