BILL PLA$CHKE Is An ACCOMPLICE to Pete Carroll's Escape

Request to everyone on BN who has a tweeter account please RT:

RT @BruinNation @BillPlaschke is an ACCOMPLICE to Cheatey Petey’s escape #falloftroy

That’s better than emailing those guys. Thanks. GO BRUINS. -N


Pla$chke is not just a Trojan lapdog.  Pla$Chke effectively aids and abets Petey's high-tail out of town by running media cover-fire for Carroll. 

Pla$Chke starts out promising, asking in his 4th paragraph, and then repeatedly "Is Pete Carroll running to something, or from something?"

But turn the page, and you see it's for naught (you can dig it up via the LA Times website, but I'm not about to give him the traffic):

[Carroll's] no traitor. He's no quitter. He deserves no boos. He was paid to do a job, he did it well for a long period, his performance gave him a chance at what he considers a better job, and so he's taking that chance.

That's not sleazy. That's America.

Forgive my ranting, but my head may still be a bit concussed after banging it against my table upon reading that ridiculous statement.  Or maybe the blatant display of stupidity caused me to rupture a blood vessel in my brain.

No, Bill.  Carroll, like some absconding bank executive or decadent insurance company president, is just another example of what went horribly WRONG with America during the preceding decade.  Deplorable excess, a vaccuum of accountability, and soul-maddening arrogance all encapsulated in one college football program -- a program so crooked it looks like a Norhtridge seismograph reading circa January 1994.

Pla$Chke's lost it or whatever little 'it' he had left.  He doesn't get it, or, if he does, Pla$chke lack of professional integrity is beyond annoying, it's appalling.  It is shameful.  It is a disgrace to anyone -- journalists, parents, kids, students, teachers, lawyers (yes, lawyers), business people, service workers -- any living, breathing soul who is ever taught by and who ever teaches others to follow the rules, clean up your mess, and take responsibility for your actions.

And, Pla$Chke being the purposefully oblivious, willfully hypocritical mouthpiece that we have known him to be, just dismisses any possible rumors of wrongdoing as merely the price paid for Pete being Pete -- and not, you know, prices being paid out to players:

"... with fans chanting his name and cheering him from the stands as he came off the field at the Emerald Bowl, [Carroll] ignored them all to put his arms around me so I wouldn't ask questions of nearby Joe McKnight."

So let me get this straight: Pla$Chke's fellow newswriters report that one of Carroll's players was driving around in a Land Rover, the player denies using the vehicle to the press, the university contradicts the player with his own previously signed paperwork -- and Carroll owes people nothing?

"....for the first time in Carroll's tenure here, he openly questioned the USC administration, criticizing them for essentially suspending McKnight because of the Land Rover controversy."

So, U$C catches Pete's player in a lie, punishes Pete's player for it, Pete leaves the university -- and he's not a traitor?

"...Carroll bristling when the athletic director would stick his nose -- an his ego -- into a program that was clearly built and owned by the coach."

Pla$Chke clearly and inescapably admits that the $C program was "built and owned" by Carroll.  However, when the way that PETE runs PETE's program causes the university to come under investigation for lack of control, PETE leaves. 

And Pete's no quitter??

The front-page article written by Gary Wharton, Sam Farmer, and Gary Klein at least has the integrity to mention a FRACTION of the list we have had on BN for YEARS:


"McKnight... sidelined by an investigation into whether violated NCAA rules by driving a Land Rover owned by a successful Santa Monica businessman. ....


"... one of the sports marketers, who is suing [Reggie] Bush to recover alleged gifts, won an appellate court ruling that would allow his attorney to question the running back and Carroll in depositions.:

Special Teams Coach-Gate:

"Last summer, the USC coach answered allegations that he had a special-teams consultant acting as an assistant coach, putting the staff over the allowable limit.

"Neither the athletic department nor the Pacific 10 Conference has commented on the status or the potential outcome of that matter."

So, within PETE's program, multiple NCAA investigations ensue, and the athletic department AS A WHOLE comes under investigation for lack of institutional control -- when Carroll "owns" the single-largest revenue producing piece of that department -- and Carroll "did his job well"?!?

And how does Pla$Chke address the ever-growing list of allegations of rules violations?  Plaschke never mentions Jarrett's free rent. He never mentions Leinart's free rent.  He never mentions the repeated arrests of players for assault charges.

What he says is the straw that breaks Traveler's back:

"It is easy to say that Carroll is leaving now because of impending NCAA sanctions surrounding the Reggie Bush house and he McKnight car issues. But in conversations with me, he never truly believed the Trojans would get whacked..

"He wasn't afraid of NCAA jail, but he was tired of NCAA laws."

Yep, that's Bill Pla$Chke saying it, albeit around the virtual foot, sock, shoe, knee, and car-keys in the hip pocket in his own mouth:  Plaschke claims Petey was "tired of NCAA laws."

Memo to Bill:  being tired of rules or laws is no excuse not to follow them. 

My kids get tired of putting away their shoes and making their beds in the morning, but it still their "job" to do them.

My wife's students don't like having to follow district-imposed ruels on submitting homework and on NOT plagiarizing text found on the internet, but its still their responsibility to follow them.

Whether Carroll liked it or not, he signed on as a coach at a purported 'university.'  He knew what the job required.  He knew that there were rules to be followed in carrying out that job.    Carroll was responsible for instructing students in their chosen activity.  He was required to be, in the most basic form of the word, a TEACHER.  Whether the students are 8 years old in elementary school, 18 in college, or 38 at a place of work, all teachers are required to impart basic skills and values and to demand them in their chosen field.

Honesty of effort.  Responsibility to others.  Respect for rules.  Accountability for errors. 

Where is the honesty in Carroll's departure?  How is he taking responsibility for the events which occurred his watch?  WHat sort of respect is he showing for the 'univeristy' who finally showed a modicum of temerity in busting a player for publicly lying about breaking rules?

Where in the name of heaven is there any accountability by or for Carroll?

And Pla$Chke dismisses the transgressions of the past few years as Petey being "tired of NCAA laws."

IF that were the case, then Petey was tired of such rules YEARS AGO, because he CLEARLY HASN'T BEEN FOLLOWING THEM.

What Bill Walton is to John Wooden, Pla$chke is to Pete Carroll.  To paraphrase a line of Aaron Sorkin dialogue, Pla$chke is not the devil... but he is the guy who'd run into the corner store to buy the devil a pack of cigarettes.

Pla$chke's left hand types in that the $C football program is in trouble, and his right hand types that Carroll did his job well.

His left hand types that Carroll hugs him to keep him from asking questions about McKnight, and his right hand apparently served as the gag.

His left hand types, "will [Garrett] be held accountable for Carroll's leaving?" while his right hand never poses the same question with respect to Carroll.

Plaschke has the audacity to write "If you see Pete Carroll today, you do not scold him, you thank him."

Pla$chke is as crooked as the coach whom he so desperately protects.

It is as simple as that.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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