[Updated] Sure Sign Of Cheatey Petey Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge ...

It has to do with the NFL's Rooney Rule.

The LA Times has a very interesting post stating Cheatey "might not get everything he wants in Seattle" (HT EdO'B3017):

Here's the news: Wooten gave Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke the go-ahead this morning to interview Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, which would satisfy the Rooney Rule and clear the way for the Carroll hiring. Leiweke is in Minnesota interviewing Frazier now.

However, Wooten and his group wouldn't give their blessing to the process unless Leiweke agreed that Carroll will not have complete control of the football operation.  

"Our position is, if Pete Carroll comes there as the head coach, he will only be in charge of the 53-man football roster," Wooten said. "That's the extent of his authority. Because of their commitment to swear that to us, we have agreed to let them interview Leslie Frazier.

"They can hire Pete Carroll if they want. But he cannot be anything more than a head coach. He does not have control of the draft. He does not have control of the trades. He does not have the last word on anything other than the 53 men he puts out on that field each and every week.

"If there's any violation of anything else, you can rest assured -- and I've already alerted the NFL office on this -- it would mean that Tod Leiweke would have been dishonest with us and would have violated the Rooney Rule."

Now we all have to keep a close eye on how this develops in next 24-48 hours. If Pete Carroll ends up closing a deal with Sea Hawks which doesn't give him total control of that team, it will look really fishy (well everything about this shady figure is fishy). Anyway, here is why. From the same LAT post (emphasis added):

Having full control of an organization has always been a huge factor for Carroll, who didn't have that in his previous stints as an NFL head coach. It will be very interesting to see if or how this might affect a deal with the Seahawks.

Yep. Petey has always gotten NFL interest before but he didn't seriously consider it most likely because none of them entailed total control. If he is desperate enough to leave U$C* to an NFL franchise without total control, that should set off the alarm bells for all coaches and recruits who are considering going down to that scandal ridden program. It is potentially a telling sign that NCAA just might be ready to blow that place up and turn it into a rubble for next few years.


UPDATE (N): Here is the latest. Per the LAT, Petey "will just be Seahawks coach":

Pete Carroll originally expected to be coach and president of the Seahawks, but now it looks like coach is the only title he'll hold. That's not to say he won't have major say in personnel decisions. It's just that the team has promised the Fritz Pollard Alliance that Carroll will be working with a separate club president and/or general manager. It remains to be seen what the repercussions of breaking that promise would be, but the NFL takes the Rooney Rule very seriously and the Seahawks are likely to take a by-the-book approach heading forward.

Read how they will do it here. The key thing it should be clear by now to all the coaching candidates and recruits considering Southern Cal, Cheatey Petey is desperate and high tailing out of a scandal tainted program. Something is coming the Trojie's way and right now it appears to more than just a new football coach. GO BRUINS.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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