Pardon My Venting: I'm Trying To be Constructive ...


I actually, personally, like our coaches, want them to succeed and I am sure they are torturing themselves with WTF is going wrong, too, but because I do respect them, I believe they have to be asked some tough questions and be held accountable, just like we all are in our own jobs. The season is only half over and, if we are going to improve, which I still believe we can given our talent, some real soul searching must be done.  Normally, that means looking in the mirror of whoever is in charge.

• Whether it was by our design or because of Cal's defense, the coaches reverted to the losing strategy of trying to pass out of the Pistol to make things go instead of running, running, running.  Given that objectively we have the worst passing attack in major college ball, that was a prescription for disaster.  Yet our coaches pursued it to the bitter end.  Why?

• Once it was obvious the coaches had given up on running the Pistol, they stayed with the now non-running Prince come what may.  It didn't matter how many times he overthrew, under threw, threw behind or into the ground, held the ball too long, fumbled or got intercepted, whatever, he was the horse they rode, just as he has been their one and only horse for the past 1 1/2 years.   Why?

• Did you hear how a coach named Spurrier went for it on fourth down on his own 35 early in the game against number one Alabama to get momentum on his side?  Did you notice that the same South Carolina coach recruited the number two rated running back from high school, some freshman kid named Lattimore, and immediately made him his feature back running him up to thirty times a game?  Did you know who got the number one rated running back, the Gatorade Player of the Year, some freshman kid named Malcolm Jones, and barely plays him because he's too inexperienced and fumbles too much?

• Can anyone tell me how a defense can sleepwalk through the first half and play lights out in the second?  Is the defense just unprepared most every game or are they actually prepared but the coaches can't motivate them?  Or is there some rule that we have to wait until halftime to make adjustments when we are getting run over by the other team the first two quarters?

• Can our coaches on defense make an effort to at least just stop the run, once, please?  Put 7, 8, 9 whatever it takes to just stop the other side from getting 7 yards every time they run the damn ball.  Can't we make their quarterback have to throw the ball more than ten yards to beat us?  Is that asking too much?

• I know we can't demand too much of the coaches in the middle of only their third, fricking year, but is it too much to ask to at least not get embarrassed the entire game when we play a school from northern California?

• Of course, the 800 pound gorilla for all of our offensive problems boils down to two things.  Our brilliant offensive head coach and his guru of Heisman Trophy quarterbacks have failed to develop a single player into a decent, D1 quarterback since they got here.  Then they installed an offense that requires the kind of quarterback they either don't have or simply refuse to even play. 

• I do feel Coach Chow's pain.  Many of his play calls would have worked brilliantly if he actually had a quarterback who could throw the ball accurately.  For example, on Stanford's only interception the UCLA player had his man beat down the sideline for an easy touchdown, only the ball was thrown five yards behind him right into the hands of the defender who was rewarded with an easy pick for his absolute incompetence.

• The other teams seem to always get the ball to their fastest guys.  Can't we?  Why not?

• Are we to believe that Cal and Stanford have superhuman athletes compared to ours?

• Which coaching staff is better?  Ours or Washington State's?  Ours or SUC's?  What do you think Mike Riley, coach of Oregon State could do with our players if he had them for one fall camp?  I refuse to answer on the grounds that to utter the words will make me throw up.

• Have you ever seen so much talent making so much effort, busting their butts every play, only to be so unprepared, out of position and just plain embarrassed?  Have so many coaches ever gotten so little out of such talented players?

• Are you just a little tired with all of the hot air, promises and excuses for the coaches' failure to show consistent, disciplined play by their team?

• We are not trolls.  We are not whiners.  We do not expect miracles, a BCS bowl, 8 or 9 wins or even a winning season every year.  What we do expect is that, in the words that Coach lived by for 99 years, that our players be successful, that is, earn the self-satisfaction of knowing that they have done their best, win or lose.

• That is our number one beef with our coaches.  Our athletes do not come close to playing their best under this coaching staff.  70-7 says it all.  Losing to a KSU team filled with players that could not even make our team says it all.  Having players with the talent to beat a Texas team on the road into submission only to embarrass themselves the next two weeks says it all.

• We are not saying to fire anybody now or in the future.  We are saying it's time for our coaches, with all of their vast years experience, to start walking the walk and stop talking the talk.  Forget about the wins and losses right now.  Simplify the strategy.  Let the kids play.  And just play those kids who block, tackle and play with a fireball in their gut every play, whatever year they are in school or however talented they are.  The sooner you do that, the sooner we will start to live up to our potential.

• Call me crazy, but I think it's the coaches, stupid.

Somebody, please figure it out before I go even more crazy.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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