There's Losing . . . and then There's This

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

It's been a few years since I've made a fan post here, and it was probably under different username (I am horrible about remembering these things) but I was thinking about a few things last night and rather than ramble away at my wife (who is not into football), I decided this was the appropriate forum.  

In my mind, there are two basic types of losing:

  1. You give it everything you have.  You play smart, you play hard, you leave it all out on the field and you try everything there is to try but at the end of the day, it's just not enough.  The other team had more talent, the other team outplayed you and despite your best efforts, it goes down as a loss in the record books because the other team beat you. 

  2. Your effort is inconsistent at best or absent at worst.  You play dumb, you make silly mistakes, you stick with a strategy even if it's not working and at the end of the day, it almost doesn't really matter who you're playing.  The other team could be better or worse than you and either way, it goes down as a loss in the record books because you beat yourself. 

Even the most rabid of fans understand at some level that losses will happen.  No one ever likes losing, but eventually, we can come to accept a loss . . . as long as it's a loss of type #1.  Losses of type #2 are NEVER acceptable.  In my eyes, our 70-7 whipping by the Bay Area smacks of those unacceptable type #2 losses. 

We had a number of those type #2 losses during the KD era and to a certain extent, those losses were understandable.  Teams will often take on the personality of their coach and so was it really a surprise when our team came out looking lifeless, uninspired, and dull?  And so we hired CRN, the antithesis of KD - fiery, passionate, and aggressive.  Yet the unacceptable, flat, effortless losses continue.  

Ironically, the so-called "signature" win (even Petros used that phrase during the FSN broadcast yesterday) over Texas might be one of the worst things that could have happened to CRN.  As fans, we all learned how great our team can be when they put it all together and pull out all the stops.  It is the quality of the win at Texas that makes our losses to the Bay Area (and even the "win" against WSU) that much more frustrating. 

CRN began his tenure with overwhelming support from our fan base.  But Rick, the honeymoon is over.  You've had a few years to build (and the recruiting HAS been good) so there is no excuse for the type #2 losses.  It's time to leave it all on the field and show us that your passion bucket is really as full as you say it is.  Some suggestions:

  • A little less vanilla in the offense, please.  We need to use the pistol for something other than just the read-option zone play.  Where are the sweeps to the F-back?  Where are the end-arounds?  Where are the triple options?  Where are the screen passes, the slants, and the crossing patterns?
  • Get the ball to your play-makers in space.  Taylor Embree and Corey Harkey are NOT play-makers.  I'm talking about guys like Smith, Carrol, and Thigpen.  You make a point about recruiting more speed and then you don't use it? 
  • You have to occasionally throw the ball deep just to keep the defense honest.  Even if you overthrow everyone, it gives the safeties something to think about. 
  • We've been saying this one for years, but the defense has to tackle.  I remember 1998 in Miami like it was yesterday and it seems like it just hasn't gotten any better since! 
  • STOP with the stupid penalties.  If I wanted to watch a bunch of trash-talking and undisciplined players, I'd be a SUC fan :P

We've got Oregon next after a bye.  They are a great football team and honestly, they should beat us.  But it had better be a type #1 loss.  If CRN can't get our team up and READY TO PLAY from the opening kickoff for one of the best football team's in the nation after a week+ of preparation and we end up beating ourselves AGAIN . . . then I'd imagine there are going to be even more folks questioning if we really have the right guy as our head football coach. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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