UCLA’s QB Situation Remains Frustrating: Prince Is Still Not 100%

Hate to start with the LA Times with disconcerting news but not much we can do about this:

UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince sat out the final 20 minutes of practice Wednesday, saying his right knee "started bugging me."

Prince injured his knee against Texas on Sept. 25 and missed the Washington State game the following week. He played against California on Saturday but said he was "not at 100%."

"It's the same deal, just swollen a little bit and a little stiff," Prince said. "The trainers said that was enough."

Apparently Prince still has "a noticeable limp":

"Running right now is tough," Prince said. "I can't fully extend the leg. The explosiveness, making cuts, trying to accelerate, isn't quite there right now.

"I'm not concerned about it. It's good we have a bye this week so I can get extra rest and try to get back to full health."

The troubling question for me is if Kevin Prince is still hurt, why was he allowed to start last weekend against the Bears? I think it is reasonable to conclude based on the information above (which has been corroborated by practice reports on that Prince most likely not 100 percent going into the Cal game. If that was the case why didn't Norm Chow go with Richard Brehaut?

Look we are doing everything we can to give deference to Norm Chow based on his track record. He gets to see these guys in person day after day. So he is in position to make the calls. I also think Prince is probably the best QB for our offense but only when he is 100 percent healthy. Clearly he doesn't appear to be healthy right now and based on what we saw with our own eyes, he did not look healthy during the Cal game. So the question is why was he allowed to start and the coaches didn't prepare Brehaut for the game?

I also realize Richard Brehaut might not be the savior. Certainly he got the job done against Washington State but his play wasn't anything special and seemed like had ways to go in terms of adapting to the revolver offense.  Moreover, the problem for our often goes beyond our QB as it is the result of an undermanned OL, which is not surprisingly having serious pass blocking issues.

That said I think it is reasonable to wonder out loud, why Norm Chow has been going with Prince even when he is hurt and clearly not effective in leading this offense. Perhaps Chow doesn't want to go with Brehaut in difficult games on the road. That could be a theory. Wish Chow deviated a bit from his usual declaration of just sticking with Prince or dismissing Brehaut publicly. I think Chow needs to be on the same page publicly as Rick Neuheisel. He owes that obligation as the OC for CRN.

For his part Kevin Prince is being very classy about the whole situation:

You have to commend him for how he has been handling all the craziness.

The question posed above remains outstanding though. Why did Chow go with Prince even though he wasn't healthy against Cal? Right now there doesn't seem to be any explanations and answers. I don't blame people getting upset and frustrated over it.

Let's hope Prince gets it together by Oregon game (and he is healthy by then). If he doesn't, I think Rick Neuheisel will need to take total control of the QB situation and his offense.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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