Is There A Mole in the UCLA Athletic Department?

Nestor warned us.

He warned the coaches too, and that was four months ago:

If I were CRN and other UCLA coaches and officials right now, I'd be on extra alert.  The Trojans are going to be in an all out hunt to look for any missteps from UCLA coaches and players.  We saw this happen in 2001.  UCLA was in the hunt for big season (we were the program to beat at that time coming off 20 win streak seasons and great recruiting classes) when a Trojan fan leaked the DeShaun Foster/SUV story to the local press. Unlike U$C* UCLA didn't get the benefit of the doubt from the Trojan Times and rest of the Southern California's traditional media (neutered by the Trojan hype machine). We got blown up in the press, the community and nationally.  Our alumni and fanbase unlike theirs demanded accountability and almost immediately soured on Toledo. We never recovered.

We have been through this before, and it is happening again.  If you think that the timing of all this negative press about UCLA is a coincidence, you are sorely mistaken.  This is a calculated and coordinated attack meant to create unrest among the fans and put pressure on UCLA, which as an institution is very much sensitive to public outrage, unlike that school over there.

Nestor has already exposed the main outlet for these attacks, namely the hacks at the U$C Times and the OC "Does Not" Register.

But there is a far more insidious and treacherous pawn in these machinations.

I firmly believe that there is a mole within the athletic department who leaks these negative news to those moronic hacks who call themselves reporters.  It may be a Trogan, or simply someone who gets some form of compensation for providing these leaks.


It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but there is a simple fact that makes this quite plausible.  U$C relies on the success of its football program to raise money.  That's how it is on the dark side.  It is their lifeline, it is all their alumni care about, and it is pretty much the only thing by which most people know U$C.  And I strongly believe they will resort to the most sordid tactics to make sure that their program remains glorious and does not share that glory.

So how can the department go about finding the source of this leak?  It is a difficult and unenviable task that would require sifting through emails and phone calls.  I would think the first step would be to verify if there are any Trogans in the department, and to at least check their emails.  It may sound extreme and smell of Big Brother, but it is time for UCLA to take these things seriously.  Be it sports or academics, it is the UCLA name that is being smeared in the media.

If UCLA cannot figure out the source of the leak, then they should at least cut off both Foster and Scott Reid.  Neither the LAT nor the OC Register has the right to have a particular reporter present for events.  UCLA could simply tell them to send someone other than Foster and Reid. Of course this does not mean that the Register gets to send Maya (because of this) and the LA Times gets to send in Frumpy Slimers.

And of course if the leaker's identity is revealed the traitor should be fired on the spot.  This is not paranoid.  This is looking out for the image of your university.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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