Recruit Update: Brett Hundley On ESPN

Did any of you happen to catch UCLA quarterback recruit's Brett Hundley's game on ESPN on Friday night? (I think it was on the Deuce, but I was watching in a bar and it might have been ESPNU). Hamilton beat Hundley's Chandler team 38-20. I also missed the ending because some barfly grabbed the remote and decided he's rather watch a baseball game than a high school football game. Heathen. 

I liked what I saw a lot. His team was playing a good team, but you could see Brett is a really talented kid. He moves pretty well, though he isn't really fast like Denard Robinson at Michigan; I'd say he's capable of running, but he isn't a running back playing quarterback. He threw a nice ball and threw to different receivers. 

Here is some of the game story from the World Wide Leader:

The Hamilton Huskies came into their annual matchup against the Chandler Wolves, having never tasted defeat in the history of the rivalry and up until halftime it looked like the Wolves were going to be able to buck the trend.

If the Wolves are going to have a shot at Hamilton in the playoffs, they are going to have to rely on QB Brett Hundley, who threw the ball extremely well on Friday, but was saddled with a receiving corps that dropped balls all night. The 6-foot-4, 218-pound dual-threat signal caller is a punishing runner who gets the ball out quickly, although he struggled at times with his accuracy.

The No. 5-ranked quarterback in the country is headed to UCLA after finishing his career at Chandler.

"Both coach [Rick] Neuheisel and [Norm] Chow are tremendous quarterback coaches and I know they will teach me a great deal," said Hundley. "I am very much looking forward to learning from them how to better utilize the tools that I have."

In addition to his abilities on the field, Hundley is a very academically oriented individual.

"I will be enrolling in school early and I'm looking forward to beginning the pre-med program at UCLA," said Hundley. "I am unsure at this point which field of medicine I want to get into so my focus is to obtain my pre-med degree and to see how my football skills develop."

I'm not sure the game against Hamilton was a true test of Hundley's abilities. For one thing, other than at the quarterback position. Hamilton had Chandler out-manned. I'm led to believe that Hamilton is one of the top teams in the state of Arizona. Hamilton also seemed to design their defense to stop Hundley, their linemen were very disciplined in their pass rush -- it almost looked like they were just trying to keep him contained and not really worried about sacking him -- they just didn't want him to take off and scramble. Also, as to be expected in a high school game, there were some dropped passes that disrupted some of Chandler's drives. 

Again, Hundley is not a running quarterback that must learn to be a passer. He's a straight up quarterback who can run with the ball. When you think about it, he seems just right for the piston offense.

One thing: Hundley is slight of build at this point. Anyone who thinks that he will come to spring practice, learn the offense and start in the fall is engaged in wishful thinking. I mean, maybe he could do it, but it looks like a year in the weight room would do him some good.

Added ESPN:

Hundley is a polished individual, but is far from a finished product. This talented athlete has a tremendous upside and will infuse the UCLA program with a great deal of athleticism and intelligence at the quarterback position.

I did not find any clips from the game on Youtube, but here's a look at Brett from another highlight film (Be careful, the video has sound):

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