BN Thursday FBS Talking Points (10/7/10)

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

I thought this might be an interesting venture, so I thought I'd take a whack at it. I'll go over some of the more intriguing, non-UCLA related stories out there in Athletics, so feel free to chime in on the discussion.

Headline Matchups

(Thursday Night Game: 4:30 pm PST on ESPN) #7 Nebraska  @  Daniel Thomas Kansas State

  • The game is going on right now. Thoughts? Commentary?

(12:30 PM PST on CBS) #1 Alabama @ #19 USC

  • After demolishing Florida, Alabama can't take the week off as USC has looked pretty solid out there in the early year
  • An interesting note from tWWL:
    • This is the 7th time that the AP No. 1 team defeated a Top-10 opponent at home and then faced a ranked opponent on the road the next week. The AP No. 1 has lost 5 times in the previous 6 instances, with the only exception being Lou Holtz's 1990 Notre Dame team, which squeaked out a 1-point victory at 24th-ranked Michigan State a week after beating Michigan.

    (4:30 PM PST on ESPN/3) #12 LSU @ #14 Florida

  • IMO, Florida and LSU are two of the most overrated teams around. But, Florida hasn't won a game by chance/stupidity yet. If you haven't seen the LSU-Tennessee finish yet, you should watch... and LOL, or cry.. depending on how much you like Derek Dooley. RTT covered it very, very well
  • BTW, LSU lost its starting Defensive End Sam Montgomery to a knee injury this week.
  • LSU had some problems with their QB's this past week, but will stick with their starter:
  • Jefferson completed just 3 of 10 passes with two interceptions and was relieved for much of the game by backup Jarrett Lee, who completed 16 of 23 passes for 185 yards. Jefferson has gone four straight games without passing for triple-digit yards.

    (12:30 pm PST on ABC) #17 Michigan St. @ #18 Michigan

    • Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio, who suffered a heart attack after an exciting overtime victory over the Golden Domers a few weeks ago, has made a speedy recovery and will be coaching from the Press Box this weekend.
    • Of course, you've heard enough about Denard Robinson, but this guy is just insane. 1008 yards passing, 905 yards rushing... with 15 TDs. Can you say system QB? Via tWWL

    Denard Robinson has 98 rush attempts this season, but only once has he scrambled for a gain after dropping back and looking to throw the ball. Robinson has been the designated ball carrier on a running play 76 times, has kept the ball on a zone read 19 times, and the final two rushes are comprised of a sack and a fumbled snap.

    (5:00 PST on ABC/ESPN3) #23 Florida State @ #13 Miami

    • Miami's start QB Jacoby Harris is having a relatively rough year, throwing a solid 10 TDs, but has also thrown 8 INTs. Can he turn it around against the Florida State pass rush? The Noles have a nation leading 25 sacks!
    • Traditionally, Harris has been a poor 1st down passer, lucky for him, FSU has 10 sacks on 3rd down
    • Miami also forced 6 INTs last week, can Ponder take care of the ball on Saturday?

    PAC 10 Matchup of the Week

    (5:00 pm PST on ABC/ESPN3) #... oh wait, Southern Cal @ #16 Stanford

    • "What's your deal, Monte" Can Papa Kiffin's defense buckle down against the Cardinal?
    • Matt Barkley and Allen Bradford have been excellent; too bad Lane Kiffin is the playcaller in crunch time. Even if this game is close at the end, Southern Cal is at a tremendous disadvantage when trying to out-coach/execute a Harbaugh coached team.
    • Who will go for 2 first? Harbaugh or Kiffin, kudos to you if you're correct. Tie-breaker, who will convert first?

    How was my first attempt at this talking point stuff? Enjoy, and fire away!

    <em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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