Re. Foster’s (LA Times) Hackish & Dishonest Reporting On UCLA

I just want to blog this for archival purposes so that we have yet another (couple) data points on what an unprofessional hack Chris Foster from the LA Times really is. So Foster "reported" following the loss in Seattle:

UCLA  had just trudged off the field after a 24-7 loss to Washington and while Coach Rick Neuheisel was doing his post-mortem with the media, he lost a recruit. Lakewood Mayfair tackle Darryl Jackson left a phone message for a reporter saying he was decommitting and going to Oregon State.

It sounds all so dramatic but unfortunately for Foster the story is just not true. We have it from good authority that Darryl Jackson didn't decommit from UCLA after the Washington game as Foster tries to suggest so pathetically in that report. From what I have heard from people with much more impeccable track record than a dishonest hack like Foster is that Jackson had called Neuheisel two days before the game (sometime on Tuesday ) to inform him of his decision to switch over to Oregon State.

Foster also conveniently left out the fact that even if Jackson would have come to UCLA he would have been coming in as a "project" recruit who would have grey shirted in Westwood.

Foster's hackery didn't end there. He then reports this today:

Quarterback Richard Brehaut left the game in the third quarter after taking a hit to the head. UCLA officials first said Brehaut was "confused" and his return to the game was "questionable." He did not return.

After the game, Coach Rick Neuheisel said, "We lost Richard to a concussion." Yet, asked a few minutes later whether Brehaut had a concussion, he said, "We'll let the doctors determine that."

So Foster is selectively zeroing in on Neuheisel's quotes to imply that CRN benched Brehaut out of frustration completely leaving out Brehaut's own assertion that he couldn't remember the plays he ran following that cheap hit (yes a forearm straight into Brehaut's head was a cheap hit). Of course Neuheisel might have not been completely sure that it was indeed a "concussion" but he and UCLA took the right step since Brehat exhibited concussion like symptoms. Yet Foster splices up the story in a way to imply Neuheisel was not being straight forward in that issue.

These are just two small data points. However, cheap shots and little bits of lies and misinformation like these instances have been adding up. If you click on the tags under this post you will see how a clear picture is emerging re. the efforts by this clown and his editors from his paper's joke sports section. Not hard to discern the pattern from various instances how these guys have been operating with an agenda to undermine UCLA football every opportunity they get. Clearly a hack like Foster has no freaking sense of shame and it's too bad he is still allowed to "cover" the UCLA beat just so he could launch routine misinformation filled attacks on the Bruins.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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