Analyzing Norm Chow's Progression

Bump. 03rdn9 going beyond the call of duty to bring us more excellent analysis. (Ty)

First things first, you can tell a lot about an Offensive Coordinator by what they choose to use, or set up, on first down. There hasn't been any mistakes, the team is not on or off schedule, it is a clean slate, and in every style of play (from Airraid to Flexbone to Pro) using what has been succesful, using its counter, or its opposite, are all things that an Offensive Coordinator can use to his advantage.

Unlike earlier in the season, Chow really exhibited that "expertise," of setting up plays, and effectively using and experimenting with the talent he had, last week. And if something was true, he never used the same, ineffective play twice, or at least on first down. Here is the video from the 1st half (2nd half played all catch-up, so it is unfair to analyze that).


Analysis after the jump.

1st Posession:

1. Play-Action Horn Right, quick slant to Rosario

First of all, opening a drive succesfully with Play Action opens up your playbook moreso than any other play. You can determine the defense's coverage tendancy, weaknesses, and gap techniques. If you drop that pass, or get sacked, you lose all of your strategic edge.

2. Dive Left, huge run from Franklin

Now, Chow goes to the run on first down, catching the defense on their heels and completely confusing the linebackers as you watch the "from-behind" view. Now ASU is hurting, having gotten beaten by both run and pass on the same drive.

3. Horn Right

Coleman gets tripped up around the corner, but had he broken that shoestring tackle, he would have had a chance at going for 6 right there. The play action had set up the run in this situation, contrary to the popular run setting up play action progression.

2nd Posession

1. Straight drop back, curl to Rosario

Now with the advantage, Chow decides to get Brehaut in even more of a rhythm and attacks the corner with a nice throw to Rosario.

2. Jet Sweep to Carroll

Still with momentum, Chow hands the ball of to Carroll to test the speed, if not gain a lot of payoff from the trackstar Carroll

3rd Posession

1. Bubble screen to Barr

After the penalty, Chow decides to spread out the defense with a quick bubble screen, and got a nice gain on the play.

4th Posession

1. Play Action Dive Left, Deep Streak to Carroll (TD)

Going back to the 1st down playaction, Chow goes for the jugular (or so he thinks) and Brehaut answered with a perfect throw to Carroll.

5th Posession

1. Run Left with Coleman


6th Posession

1. Stop and pop to the left

Good, quick hitting pass play to exploit the cushion

7th Posession

1. Veer keeper

Going to the Veer now, for the first time on first down in the game, did not get enough yards to deem it sucessful

2. Stop and pop to the left (again)


8th Posession

1. Play action boot


9th Posession (Hurry Up)

So, IMO, I believe Chow looks much more comfortable calling new, effective plays for the offense, and should the defense play as well, Chow had this game figured out. (But wait) Brehaut and company had a lot of success when they executed correctly (no duh) and when they did not execute correctly, a combination of poor receiver play (Coaching) and good defense (Burfict) stalled the drive. Give it one more year, then tell Chow to stay or not.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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