Do you demand excellence or not?

I just got back from the Rose Bowl after watching the classless clowns of SUC piss on our team and our field with their nauseating victory chants  and putrid two-fingered victory sign and their insipid tweet or toot or whatever.  But I really can't blame them, sorry ingrates that they are.

The blame lies in our administration that somehow tolerates the intolerable and really doesn't care how much more insufferable this coaching staff has become as we lost yet another perfectly winnable game in another pathetic coaching performance.

The only justification for not firing the whole lot of them is that DG has accepted our program as, at best, a bottom feeder in the world of college football.  4-8, 7-6 and 4-8 overall, and 3-6, 3-6 and 2-7 in conference are firing numbers in any outfit worth a grain of salt.  

And blaming everybody, from the players to the assistant coaches, except for the head coach for this three year disaster is simply irrational scapegoating. Worse, it is a lie.  The 800 pound gorilla in the room is that if everybody else is to blame then so is the head coach, except, of course, at UCLA, where it is acceptable to be humiliated on the football field, yet again, in 6 of our 8 losses in one year, and now three years in a row against our arch-rival.

I stayed to the bitter end of the nightmare if only to see if CRN would have the gall to address the crowd once again after another of his typical debacles.  I don't really know whats worse, the fact that he did or the whine in his voice when he promised once again that we would get better?  How is that possible one wonders, unless he honorably resigns?

Because the "data" points are done and they point to the same conclusion.  If he stays another year, we have no reason to expect anything different when we play SUC again or anyone else.  It will be another season where our own coaches play the wrong players, play them out of position, play them with the wrong schemes, hamstring them both offensively and defensively and always, always, play not to lose thus guaranteeing that they will over and over again.

It is a travesty to these players and this program.  The players play hard.  They never give up even though they are hamstrung by coaches who shackle them on offense and defense.  We have seen this for three years.  It has been worse and worse this year.  And it is exactly what happened again tonight against SUC.  

It is unfathomable as it is inexcusable to see coaches give up on their players by not letting them play on both sides of the ball.  Or that when the game is on the line, and our defense has been on the field almost the entire third quarter because of their shackling of our own offense and repeated three and outs, they punt the ball on 4th and four at SUC's 39 yard line.

Yes, the gutless, play-not-to-lose, as usual, decision put the ball on the SUC three, but our defense had already been on the field forever and SUC was out to the 20 after barely two plays and on their way to an easy 97 yard drive.  This was the worst of Donahue/Dorrellian football cubed, the baloney, weak, strategy that we have suffered from over and over again this season.  Of course, after falling three touchdowns behind we were later forced to go for it on 4th and 13 from about our own 30, and Brehaut did make it with a pass down the middle!  Amazing.  Where was that fricking play when it fricking counted?  We'll never know because the coach never gave our players the chance to score when it mattered!

Did you notice SUC was one on one with our wideouts the whole game?  You might not have noticed because Brehaut was not allowed to pass but once downfield, only to overthrow it and have it intercepted.  The rest of the time he threw high risk, low reward sideline passes of 5 to 10 yards, apparently because he was shackled by his coaches.  Of course, after we were down by two touchdowns he was allowed to throw to the open wideouts downfield only to find out, too late, that if you throw the ball high to a receiver 6" higher than a cornerback it's a good thing or if you throw into the end zone to a tall receiver covered by a short corner it's a good thing, if he would hold on to it.

Similarly, our running game creamed the left side of the SUC line all night, except when we got into four down territory, not because of SUC, but because our brilliant coaches stopped running the ball and went to the brilliant, short passing, never stretch the defense attack every time we crossed midfield.  But why not?  We've been doing the same thing the past two years under the master offensive guru.

Or how about on first and 25 and second and 20 on SUC's side of the field, we surprise them with two, slow developing running plays up the middle or off-tackle to set up third and 19?  That'll fool them!  Who could expect that?

You could say the same about our defense, which was much too vanilla, yet did well overall despite our normal reluctance to blitz.  We did, in fact blitz more in the second half, and it was effective except the one time where Barkley called an audible and a screen to their fullback that went for a TD, though it looked to me like he stepped out of bounds, but I was looking through binoculars at an angle.  But I'd rather give up a TD from trying to make a play than lose because I never tried to put pressure on in the first place.  We need to put much more pressure on Barkley, but our coaches wouldn't risk it, especially in the first Hal when we rushed three and played 8 back setting up a SUC first down on third and 12.

But the defense did not lose this game.  They played great until the game was out of hand because of terrible coaching and decision making on offense

I could go on, but I'm trying to focus on the larger point, like how when I finally did come home and go on the internet, Bruins Nation is giving CRN, like Guerrero another year when he "better win 8 or else!"  Wow.  The man has won 8 PAC-10 games out of 27 in three years, and this year he finished 9th after finishing 8th twice before!  But we're going to get tough with him, next year!  Right.

The only bright spot this sorry season has been the rapid progress of Brehaut, who played well especially in light of the three quarters of handcuffs, but that is no thanks to the coaches, who only played him at all because they were forced to after they misjudged him and abused Kevin Prince until the latter suffered a season-ending injury.

Eight wins or else?  That's the sorry excuse to keep CRN?  Do you actually think he would be fired if he, OMG, somehow wins "only" 7 games next year in the new PAC-12?

I said before this season was over, and before this game, CRN had to be competitive the rest of the year and win the SUC game to deserve to come back IMO. We have not been competitive, as we have suffered even more humiliating losses, and we have now been humiliated three years in a row by SUC.  This year the loss was even more egregious given how poorly SUC played and how weak their team is compared to prior years.  I mean, we were out-coached tonight by Lame Kiffin!  Can it get any worse?

Apparently DG and BN are fine with CRN's endless excuses, scapegoating and empty, hot air.  I'm sorry.  I'm not.  After three horrific years of the same garbage, I think we can do better, much better.  If we can't, then we really are one of the bottom feeding programs of college football, something I refuse to accept.  

What you expect is what you get.  I expect more, and the players and we fans deserve it.

As Harry Truman used to say, the buck stops here.  Sound advice then.  Sound advice now.  The buck stops with CRN.  It's on him.  If both his Coordinators are so bad that they must go, then so should he.  And if DG accepts his excuses, he should go, too

Or is 8th, 8th and 9th acceptable to you?

And before you say I'm too harsh, remember Stanford got Harbaugh because they pulled the trigger on a two-year disaster.  At some point, if you don't demand excellence ...

What say you?

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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