A Day at the Rose Bowl

I am not offering any analysis, or coach talk, or anything like that in this post. So if you want your post season analysis, go here, I completely agree with BlueReign now. Anyways, my story as a Bruin isn’t as historic, or academic for that matter, as some of the other members on BN, nor is it as long as other members, but I would like to consider myself, a Bruin.

Since Birth, I have been a UCLA Fan. In fact, my first T-Shirt had those 4 letters on it. People tend to believe that I am in a long lineage of Bruins, but my mother is the only person in my immediate family to attend UCLA, and earn an MS. Strangely enough, my father, who is just a fan, is probably more emotionally invested in UCLA sports than her, or me, for that matter.

I wanted to attend UCLA all my life, and I felt that I aptly prepared myself academically for that venture, but I realized that UCLA didn’t offer the practical majors that some of the less prestigious universities did, which is understandable. Should my college education shape back into one of those “research majors,” I plan on attending graduate school at UCLA.

As a Bruin, I have seen my fair, or maybe unfair, share of wins and losses. Before high school, and before my “coaching" career began, I traveled to every UCLA home and away game since birth, however, my parents did not let me go to UCLA-USC games until I was about 10 because “they were too intense.” Subsequently, I missed the entire 8 game winning streak, and instead, got to see UCLA play at Miami (what a trade).

I can now understand why the rivalry is “too intense” for people that come along with my family. We left my house at 4:30 am, and arrived as the first, non-camping Bruins at the Rose Bowl yesterday morning. It was freezing, let me just say that. Of course, we only tailgate like this for home UCLA-USC games. Why not away USC games? Mostly because the Coliseum is easily the worst venue, aesthetically and in atmosphere, that I have ever been to.

However, I have been to historic venues including, Notre Dame, Neyland Stadium, DKR, The Big House, The Horseshoe, Bryant-Denny Stadium, LaVelle Edwards Stadium, Rice Eccles stadium, and all of the PAC 10 Venues. Not to mention my trips to San Jose to see UCLA defeat Gonzaga, as well as my trips to Indianapolis, Atlanta, and San Antonio for our Final Fours. But win, lose, rain, shine, or snow for that matter, I have stuck to the bitter end with the Bruins.

That being said, there is nothing more important to me, than walking into the Rose Bowl, dressed in blue, climbing those stairs, and taking my seat. It is something that I have done over 100 times in my life (a lot less than many), and something that I try to say thanks for every time I see that field.

Unfortunately, our loss to USC yesterday, will be my last visit to the Rose Bowl for quite some time, as the next step in my college education will either take me to Eugene or Tempe. And fittingly, I got a brief chance to meet my favorite, all time Bruin, Tyler after the game. I can’t imagine how badly N, or any of you other out of state Bruins must want to be at Pauley for every game, or be at the Rose Bowl, because “just being there,” is something that is so special, mostly for the Bruins who can’t “take their seat” at the Rose Bowl or in Pauley.

So the purpose of this post is to make you reevaluate yourself as a Bruin, because while this loss may have been painful to watch as a Bruin, keep in mind that many of you, will get to see the Bruins take the field next year. So again, don’t take for granted that you will have a chance to hear the band play, or hear Chuck over the PA, or hear Howland yell, or watching Brehaut and Co. run the veer with your own eyes because it is something, that many Bruins, won’t have the chance to do for a while.

As always,

Go Bruins

Josh, 03rdn9

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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