A Few Comparisons Of Potential Pac-12 Members

I've shared most of this in bits and pieces in other threads today, but at Nestor's request am consolidating the information I've found today in one place. I did some checking into various Pac-12 options, looking at academics and TV market size. Some of what I found out about the academics of a few Pac-10 institutions surprised me - and since birth I've always had at least one family member employed at a university, if not more. I'll throw in my two cents at the end, but will start off with "just the facts." Take the jump and find out more.

In my search, I found a 2008 report on The Top American Research Universities.

This compares all 659 institutions in the US that report federal research expenditures. Rather than giving their subjective rank, the methodology was to compare the schools on nine different indicators (look at the link if you'd like to see exactly what they are), and then combine the results of those nine indicators into one final list. The compiling is not unlike how basketball or football rankings are done, though the final list is not numerically ranked. It groups universities by how they scored on each of the nine indicators. (I hope my explanation isn't too confusing; you can always go to the link to read the original.)

Current Pac-10 schools are bolded throughout this post.

In the overall top 25 universities, by count of number of top 25 appearances in the nine indicators:
9 of 9: Stanford
7 of 9: Cal, UCLA, UW
5 of 9: Texas
4 of 9: u$c*
2 of 9: Arizona
1 of 9: Colorado

In the overall #26-50, by count of number of #26-50 appearances in the nine indicators:
2 of 9: ASU, Utah

(Nestor will be surprised to see both Arizona schools in the overall top 50, as was I.)

None of the other Pac-10 members or potential candidates rank in the overall top 50.


 Using strictly the indicator of overall research expenditures (2006 data):

1. Johns Hopkins (by a huge margin – not Pac interest, just surprised me: almost 2x the #2 school)
6. UW
8. Stanford
18. Cal
19. Arizona
28. u$c*
64. Colorado State
65. Colorado
67. Utah
82. ASU
84. Wazzu
87. OSU
106. Utah State
151. San Diego St.
165. Oregon
166. UNLV

BYU is not in this top 200, and on the other eight indicators basically only shows up on annual giving and number of National Merit Scholars.


I also wanted to look at the size of TV markets.

Source: Nielsen Media Research, Inc., September 2009

2. LA (5,659,170 TV households)
6. SF/Oakland/San Jose (2,503,400)
12. Phoenix (1,873,930)
13. Seattle/Tacoma (1,833,990)
16. Denver (closest to CU and CSU) (1,539,380)
22. Portland (closest to Corvallis) (1,188,770)
31. Salt Lake City (944,060)
66. Tucson (465,100)
75. Spokane (closest to Pullman) (419,350)
92. Colorado Springs/Pueblo (Air Force Academy) (334,710)
119. Eugene (241,730)


My two cents...even with a million TV households in the SLC area, I’m all in favor of two schools in Colorado if we expand.  The benefit of SLC's TV market size is not enough to get me excited about adding Utah, and I don't think BYU is a good fit. CU and CSU are only 40 miles apart; that certainly matches our geographic pair system. The Air Force Academy is about 75 miles from CU, so that works as well. The more I think about BruinInDenver's idea of adding the Air Force Academy along with CU, the more I like it. It's close to CU. It's certainly highly regarded, even if it's not on the top list of research universities. My impression (and this isn't based on research, as I've done enough for now) is that Air Force has a strong academic program as well; it's certainly selective. The odds of having any image problems with AFA cadets would seem pretty low.

So, here are some numbers. Feel free to discuss if you wish.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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