[Update x 7: Coffee Is For Closers!!] UCLA Signing Day Open Thread: Closing Out The Afternoon

All right guys. Time for a quick reset because our comment threads are filling up fast. Gotta love the energy flowing through BN!

We have 18 recruits in. So far today we have picked up Zumwalt. He is a big get. We got stung by Heimuli but we are still well positioned to finish with very good class.  Here again are the announcement times:

  • 11:30 am- Owamagbe Odighizuwa, ESPNU
  • 12:00 pm- Anthony Jefferson, FS Prime Ticket
  • 1:30 pm- Dietrich Riley, ESPNU
  • 12:35 pm- Josh Shirley, FS Prime Ticket

I will just echo Achiles who noted in the comment thread:

Our class is going to be far and away better ranked than our season. Considering our record the past two years (don't forget everyone, these kids started looking at schools when we had just 4 wins) - this class is outstanding. Coupled with last year's class - we will be dangerous a year or two down the line.

Now let's get more guys in a brand new thread. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE (N): Just like that Owa chooses to become a Bruin emphasizing family and academics (HT TheTJCummingsEra):


Perhaps one of the greatest signing day moments for UCLA football. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE (N): Highlights of as Huffman terms it perhaps one of most pivotal defensive recruiting get for UCLA football since Brian Price:

Welcome to Westwood Owa. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III (N): Bruins jump to number 10 in Scout.com rankings. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE IV (N): Bruins also jump to number 9 in Rival.com rankings. Can we jump higher? GO BRUINS.

UPDATE V (N): Rick Neuheisel's Bruins drop another bomb. Josh Shirley is a Bruin!!!!! GO BRUINS.

UPDATE VI (N): Video for signing day ... once again for UCLA:

Always be closing. Coffee is for closers. If somehow Bruins manage to get both Jefferson and Riley, it would amount to total PWNing of the Trojans in LA. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE VII (N): Another afternoon bomb for the Bruins. Anthony Jefferson picks UCLA.

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