[Update x2 w Tiger Woods Reference] Hello Kiffin Takes Commitment From A 13 Year Old QB

I am trying to figure out if this is a real story. Seems to be like this is not a joke (emphasis added):

David Sills, a highly-touted youth quarterback, made a verbal commitment tonight to accept a college football scholarship from USC.

Sills is not even in high school yet. He is a seventh-grader at Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear.

Red Lion high school varsity coach Eric Day confirmed the decision by Sills tonight, also confirming that USC coach Lane Kiffin recently offered a scholarship to the 13-year-old Sills.

"I'm very excited but I was very, very nervous," Sills said tonight about talking to Kiffin over the phone. "It was very cool [to talk to Kiffin] but my heart was beating so fast, and I was scared. But after it was over, I was so excited and pumped."

Someone please let me know if this is a joke. It sounds too good to be true because we are already overflooded with material to clown Hello Kiffin.


UPDATE (N): Holy cr*p. This looks to be true story. Here is an article on from two years ago, written by a Trogan alum about this kid as an "11 year old prodigy":

David Sills is being hailed as one of the greatest quarterback prospects ever.

If you haven't heard of him yet, it's understandable. He just turned 11.

"I know he's young but there's always an exception. He's the exception," says Steve Clarkson, who runs the Air 7 Quarterback University, a national camp for quarterbacks. "By no means would I recommend this for ten-year olds, but he's a special case."

Sills isn't hard to spot on a crowded football field, filled with top high school prospects.

"He's the little one slinging passes to guys twice his size," says a family friend sitting in the bleachers, pointing at the pint-sized quarterback.

I am going to be sick. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): Uhm. They are calling this kid the next "Tiger Woods":

I will leave it up to you to insert all the east jokes. GO BRUINS.

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