More Game Photos From Thursday, With Dance Team Bonus Pics.

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

There definitely appear to be some mixed reviews from the last night's game vs Stanford.  The people who went to the game seemed to view it far more favorably than those that watched on tv.  I think ultimately, the reason for the optimistic view from those in attendance is because, for once this year, the crowd was actually really into the game (at least down the stretch).  There was a lot more energy in the arena and I think the players responded to it.  Hopefully, the crowd will continue to show some enthusiasm for the final three home games of the season.  (Quick aside: I don't want to hear any more 'blue-hair'/geezer excuses for the lack of energy in Pauley.  I've caught a few Arizona home games on tv this season, and that crowd really gets behind their teams..and that's an arena full of retirees.)

Anyway, I was very pleased with the overall effort our team showed.  There were many opportunities for this team to fold and they refused to do so.  Everyone that played contributed in some way, and when we actually ran our sets, we were a very efficient scoring machine (only 5 turnovers and great production in the paint).  No, it certainly wasn't a vision of perfection, but it did look like progress; and it to me, it looks like we're developing an identity that will bode well for the future.  B D already whetted our appetite with some of his great pics from the game.  Here are a few shots from my seats last night:



Reeves Nelson banging down low and drawing some contact


I do believe that someone is about to get dunked on


There was no foul called on this play


Nelson reacts with incredulity


Footage rarer than bigfoot? Dragovic playing a little help D


"Pitbull" Lee breaks off his chain and drives for two


The number 1 threat to America: Giant acrobatic bears!


Tyler was taken over to the student section to cheer for a bit. He had a blast. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to snap any pics while he was there. However, here he is coming back afterwards. Thanks, Dana. You rock!


Nobody ventures out further on the court without getting a "T" than Howland. If he were an opposing coach, I'd be livid. But since he's our coach, I love it. This was late coming out of a timeout, but even still...


To his credit, Lee did hit some big free throws in crunch time.


The bench was very much into this game.


Win, as a team.


Tyler Honeycutt getting some much needed rest.


The same photo, but with some cropping and heavy processing. It seemed kinda edgy and dramatic at 2 am. Now? I'm not so certain.


. . .

Oh, I believe there were some requests for photos of our dance team? For you guys, I went ahead and snapped a few. I'm a giver in that way.


From my vantage point, there were definitely reasons to cheer for this team. Hopefully most people here will feel the same way.

Go Bruins!

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