Michael Roll's Disgust With This Year's UCLA Team

If you watched our last game against Cal, you'd notice how at point during second half there was an utter look of disgust and frustration on MRs face after Nikola Dragovic completely screwed up on the defensive end after jacking up a dumb 3 point clanker on the other. 

Roll didn't say anything but his facial expression gave everything away. He then made the following comment at the end of Friday night's loss against Cal (emphasis added throughout):

"To be honest, I don't really care. It's over with. We lost, I'm done here. It's time for everybody else to figure it out."

Although he didn't say much you don't have to be that good in reading between the lines in terms of what problems he is referring to with this program. Earlier this season following a humiliation at the hands of Washington Huskies on national TV, Roll called out his team-mates (emphasis added throughout):

Roll was visibly frustrated at times with the effort of some of his teammates, who failed to execute simple passes, were seconds late on defensive rotations and put little emphasis on the glass, where the Bruins were outrebounded 33-23.

"I saw it a lot and it's frustrating," Roll said. "We were down a lot, yeah, but if we come out in the second half and we punch them in the mouth right away, we could've got back in there real easy. But we just kinda folded."

MR also called out his team-mates (pointing to Ragovic) earlier that game week:

"I wouldn't even say it's about being part of the offense; it's about being into the game," UCLA senior shooting guard Michael Roll said. "When they're not playing well, as a team we have a tendency to check out. They have a tendency to not play as hard if things aren't going their way. If we can get them to turn that around - as a team, we all need to play harder if they're not playing well, just to pick up the slack."

He was specifically calling out Ragovic (and Reeves Nelson) for lollygagging through games.

It's pretty clear MR was see what we had been seeing all season yet from his comments after the game against Cal, there seem to be feeling a total sense of powerless and resignation over it.

While Rag (and also Jerime on number of occassions) were the chief culprits for the repeated debacles on the court this season, ultimately the fault lies with the head coach of the program who kept putting the team in that frustrating situation. It has been clear from MR's comments in recent weeks that the combination Howland was trying out wasn't working and was frankly leading to a toxic mix around the team and this program.

MR's comments at the end of this season when put in context with comments from earlier this season, seemed to hint at deeper issues that are percolating in the background. It will be interesting to see how Howland handles this off-season.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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