Locals doing well on first day of NCAA Tournament

I hate to beat this subject down repeatedly, but I can't help it.  There was a great discussion/posts yesterday on the subject of local players we have not landed and why we missed out on them.  We were asked to list some guys we have missed or not recruited.  It was very interesting, and it sparked me to look further into guys from the Los Angeles area and how they did yesterday in the tournament.  I have stated for months (not saying I am necessarily correct, just my point of view) that I think CBH has lost his way and failed to recruit the "tougher" areas of Los Angeles, specifically the Los Angeles City area, the City Schools in the San Fernando Valley, the Inland Empire, and the Long Beach area. Their are obviously other areas which produce "tough as nails" kids that I didn't list, but because I think those are the specific areas we have lacked an interest in lately, those are the one's I focused on for this post.  

One of the reasons I bring them up is because those are the areas that have produced our most recent stars.  Farmar, Mata, Shipp, and Afflalo were the anchors of CBH's foundation.  Before him, our program has made history with stars from those area's (Eddie and Charlie O., Tyus Edney, Trevor Wilson) that flourished in Westwood.  Lately, CBH has forgotten those area's, or at the least, not paid as much attention, and we have paid the price.  I have no problem going after the kids from the OC, believe me their is some talent.  However, for the OC to be our foundation, and to go after national recruits which aren't as good as the kids in our own backyard is costing us bigtime.  

So in the spirit of the interesting and though-provoking post yesterday on another thread, I did some very unscientific research (I am sure I missed some people) and put together a short list of kids who played and did pretty well yesterday in Day #1 of the NCAA Tournament.  This list doesn't even include kids who are very, very good players who didn't make the tournament (Larry Drew, UNC. Derrick Williams, Arizona), others who are from those area's who are still going to play today (Michael Snaer, Florida State, etc).  This is just what I came up with.....all on only the first day.

Chase Stanback, Fairfax, (transfer from UCLA), UNLV:  11 pts, 6 reb.

Kawhi Leonard, King HS (Riverside), SD ST:  12 pts, 10 reb.

Jordan Hamilton, Dominguez, Texas:  19 pts, 6 reb.

Oscar Bellfield, Westchester, UNLV:  13 pts, 5 asst.

Hollis Thompson, Loyola, Georgetown: 16pts.

Others who played but whose stats were minimal:  Darnell Gant, Crenshaw, Washington.  Justin Holiday, Campbell Hall, Washington. 

Not very scientific, but interesting considering the fact that it is only based on a handful of winning teams, in only the first day of the tournament.  I think this shows that the talent in those areas is strong, and always will be.  I only hope that CBH can go back to those areas soon and make those areas the foundation of our recruiting.  Just my 2 cents!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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