The Bombs Away Award (for Most Undeserved Green Light)

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

On the way home from Tempe (yes I'm a glutton for punishment) I got to thinking, "has there ever been a worse shooting Bruin that has been allowed to jack up as many threes as Rags this season?"  When I got home, I checked the numbers as far back as I could (unfortunately that was just 14 years, so these stats will encompass the CBH and Lizard eras).  First I checked missed threes per game minus made threes per game (a statistic I named the "Inexplicable Green Light Number") and generated the following list:

Yr Player GM  3FGM 3FGA IGLN
Sr Nikola Dragovic 28 44 150 2.21
Jr Josh Shipp 39 70 216 1.95
Fr JaRon Rush 28 27 102 1.71
So Jordan Farmar 37 63 189 1.7
So Malcolm Lee 30 25 99 1.63
Jr Arron Afflalo 36 87 232 1.61
Fr Trevor Ariza 25 18 76 1.6
Jr Ray Young 31 18 85 1.58
So Arron Afflalo 39 83 227 1.56
Sr Toby Bailey 33 47 145 1.55

So while the top portion of the list made sense with ND at #1 and junior year JS at #2 (remember the infamous slump), I realized that AA earned the #6 spot despite shooting over 38% that season by virtue of the fact that he put up 232 attempts.  So then I decided to check ND's numbers against some really bad shooters. 

Here are the Bruins that took the most threes per game despite shooting less than 30% from downtown:


Yr Player GM  3FGM 3FGA 3FG% 3PA/GM
Sr Nikola Dragovic 28 44 150 29% 5.36
Fr JaRon Rush 29 27 102 26% 3.52
So Malcolm Lee 30 25 99 25% 3.3
Fr Josh Shipp 29 25 89 28% 3.07
Fr Trevor Ariza 25 18 76 24% 3.04
Jr Ray Young 32 18 85 21% 2.66
So Nikola Dragovic 25 10 42 24% 1.68
Jr Kris Johnson 32 15 51 29% 1.59
Fr Dijon Thompson 33 13 48 27% 1.45
Fr Matt Barnes 30 10 34 29% 1.13

Two things stood out to me about this list: the difference between first and second (especially when you consider that Jaron Rush's squad averaged 10 more possessions per 40 minutes) and the fact that ND is the only Senior on a list full of freshmen.

I know that saying ND jacks up too many shots for a bad shooter is beating a dead horse around these parts but I thought the numbers were too eye-popping not to share.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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