[Updated] Howland Picks Up His 4th Recruit For 2010 Class: SG/PG Matt Carlino

According to Evan Daniels of, Matt Carlino a 6-2 combo guard from Indiana (who is originally from Arizona) just committed to Ben Howland's UCLA program. The story on BruinReportOnline (BRO) is behind a subscription firewall. His name is already up in the committed list for UCLA.

Note the current listing has Carlino unranked for the class of 2010. However, he was a 4 star recruit for the class of 2011 and IIRC the number 16 ranked SG in the country. Some highlights from his Arizona days:

And from a tournament in Kentucky:

Carlino's story is pretty interesting. As mentioned above he is from Arizona. He gave a very early commitment to Tom Crean's Indiana program after his freshman season. To get used to Indiana he and his family moved out of Arizona following his sophomore season to Indiana. His Dad Mark, according to a report on resigned as the head basketball coach at Gilbert Highland H.S. in Arizona to make the move.

The Carlinos moved from Phoenix to Bloomington and Matt enrolled at Bloomington South H.S. for what was supposed to be his final two seasons of high school basketball. According to this video the transition went well. Yet now Matt is forgoing his senior season in Bloomington South to enroll early at UCLA.

Per a report in Carlino had "several suitors":

Carlino pulled his commitment to Indiana last month, opening the recruiting process again. He had moved from Arizona to Bloomington before his junior year.

Carlino said his recruitment has been a little different the second time around. He committed to Indiana before his sophomore season and had received interest mostly from West Coast schools.

He said choosing a school closer to his original home "would definitely be a consideration."

"But I'm going to go where there's the best fit," Carlino said, "no matter where it is."

Butler also has entered the picture as coach Brad Stevens was in Bloomington on Thursday for an open gym. Carlino's high school teammate -- 6-8 forward Erik Fromm -- is one of three incoming Butler recruits.

"I haven't talked to (Stevens) yet, but he's talked to the coaches," Carlino said. "I'd definitely like to hear what he has to say."

Apparently the Carlinos were going to take an unofficial visit to Butler and was also being recruited by Florida (before it got Mike Rosario from Rutgers) and UNLV. Well following a visit to Westwood he is on his way to UCLA now.

FWIW I am ok with this commitment. I don't see Carlino as a make or break commitment. If everything goes well, he will be the 10th scholarship player on our team. I don't see Carlino challenging for substantive mins behind Jerime Anderson, Zeke Jones, Malcolm Lee and Tyler Lamb. However, he will provide much needed depth to our depleted roster for the time being. Hopefully Carlino will come in with a mindset of learning how to play defense with emphasis on fundamentals. If he sticks around perhaps he will develop into a solid contributor in couple of years. Just hope he will have the patience and tenacity needed to thrive in Howland's program.

Hopefully now Howland can pick up one more recruit while putting on a full court press for the class of 2011. Welcome to Westwood Matt.


UPDATE (N): Gold has a quick Q&A with Carlino on his DN blog. Here is the answer to whether Carlino will be too young as an incoming freshman (HT Chris09 from comment section)

I had mono in second grade and held to get held back for health issues. I should be in that class anyways. It's not a huge jump. I've been playing up my whole life anyways. I just felt like I was ready.":

Also he right now is striking the right notes in terms of where he fits in the program:

"Whatever coach Howland feels is going to help him win, he'll do. I'm concerned on doing whatever coach asks me when I get there. Everything will work out how it works out. We have a lot of good players coming in and a lot currently there. He has the tools and he knows what to do with them."

Sounds good. Hope it all works out. GO BRUINS.

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