Random Ramblings Of An Old Mind

1. My Visual Moment of the Tourney: Bob Huggins comforting his downed player, hugging him, gently wiping the tears off his face. This is the most moving visual since AA comforted Morrison.

I never thought much of Huggins. I still think he runs dirty programs. But, in this split moment where his instincts took over, I couldn't help but like him and respect his deep feeling for his player. And, I can now understand why they want to play hard for him.

I wish I had the picture to post. For those of you who missed it -- it was very special.

2. Do we owe CBH a partial apology? Is it possible the guy whose name I'm forgetting got so many minutes because Lane was hurt and CBH knew he couldn't play him more on that bad ankle? Yes, I know that I would have preferred Bobo, or any of the forwards on the women's team. But, CBH may have had a tough choice to make AND for some reason he might not have wanted to tell the world that BL was hurt.

3. There has been an interesting energy change here in our discussions of basketball. I think we've done some superb analysis of what went wrong during the season. And, I'm happy to see that the strong core support for CBH is coming through. There is no way, with the players we had, that we belonged in that tournament. We didn't have the horses. And, I find it interesting that teams with upper class men anchoring them are doing so well. We really had very little floor time experience shared by our starters at the beginning of the year. I hope we get back to a time when our players stay at least 3 years. It may take that long to master and play CBH's system well.

4. Odd Thought With the Start of Football Season: We have been very hard on CBH for burning BL and MM's freshman years without playing them much.

Is there a reason we have not been equally hard on CRN for doing the same with some freshmen? I think the most wasted season was Aundre Dean. And, there are a host of our RB's who got very few carries. Were they enough to justify burning a red shirt? I don't have the math skills to do it, but I'd love the compare the possible minutes v. minutes played for some of our football players and basketball players. My gut feeling is that BL and MM got a better chance than did Dean, Knox, Thigpen and several others. (I know it's impossible to compare minutes to plays, but I think the question is fair: Are we holding CBH to a higher standard than that to which we hold CRN?)

Actually, I don't question either coach. I think those are the tough decision they get paid to make. But my unfocused old mind started to think about that as I started to read the spring reports.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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