Lil Romeo Leaves Lasting Impression

You may have heard that Lil Romeo is vacating his spot at the end Trogan bench.  You may not know, however, that in his short time at SC, Lil Romeo accomplished quite a bit.  Here is just a partial list of his notable achievements:

     -Personally funded the brown paper bag filled with money out of his own allowance.

     -Officially changed his nickname from "Lil Romeo" to "And One" (as in DeMar DeRozan and one).

     -Proposed a plan to "lower" the Co$tco Center and add 22 inch spinners on each corner. Ultimately rejected by
      President Sample.

     -Led successful campaign to rename the lines painted on the streets from the nine o back to frat row "The Percy
      Miller Trail of Puke and Urine" (the lines are there because SC students are too dumb and drunk to find their
      own way home).

     -Penned a new song about his experience at ole SC. Here is a sample verse:

       Came to school
       on a package deal
       with my man who is for real
       Now he’s gone
       and I’m riding the pine,
       doing time
       in the heart of the Trogan hood

     -Family funded the "Garrett-Carroll Head in the Sand Scholarship", awarded annually to the freshman who
      cheats on his or her entrance exam in such a way as to allow the coaches and headmaster at his or her high
      school to deny any knowledge of the malfeasance.

     -Led an initiative to officially name the restroom in the men's locker room at Co$tco Center. It is now
      known as the "Master P".

     -Family also funded a tenured position for the study of theories of plausible deniability in modern regulatory

     -Lead donor in fund drive to establish a legal defense fund for SC athletes who "stray" called the Trojan Trutanich
      Ubiquitous Rehabilitation and Defense fund, or Trojan T.U.R.D. for short.  Need is so high that the fund is now
      over $20 million.

     -Most importantly, is leading the lobbying effort at the NCAA to reduce penalties for infractions that occur more
      than two years before sanctions are handed down by the NCAA.  And One has seized on, and is attempting to
      advance, the argument made by dumbshits like Rod Gilmore who say things like, "Who cares . . . that happened
      six years ago."

He has much to be proud of.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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