A Twitter Constructed "Report" Of UCLA's True Blue Celebration

Guess who came back home for dinner?


Photo Credit: Matt Sayles/Associated Press

UCLA held their 5th annual True Blue Celebration yesterday. Per the tweets from UCLA athletics it sounded like a well attended event featuring all of our coaches and some of our favorite Bruins including of all time included RW. Coaches Ben Howland, Nikki Caldwell, Rick Neuheisel and Valerie Kondos were among the coaches attending the event and glad handling with donors.

ATV, Skip Hicks, James Washington, Ron Pitts, Duval Love, Matt Stevens, Wayne Cook, among football alums.  RW, Jamaal Wilkes, John Valley, Jason Kapono, Mike Warren, Kenny Washington, Andre McCarter, the Johnsons (Marques, Kris, Josiah), Coach Wooden's daughter Nan were among those who represented the hoops family. Other great alums included Jerry Norman, Sinjin Smith, Lisa Longaker and Meb Keflezghi.

Some more details collected through BN Twitter account (which you should follow) after the jump.

Meb fired off this tweet after the event:

Finished w/ UCLA True Blue Celebration at John Wooden Center. UCLA is such a great place to be a student-athlete. Go bruins!

ATV's tweet was just hilarious:

Saw my boi @russwest44 @ the true blue celebration. I got a wine glass and was accused of being too young. Lol I'm 21, and a 4th yr c'mon.

Matt Stevens and Chris Roberts hosted the event.  tWWL's Neil Everett (who I am not exactly the biggest fan of, then again I don't care much for anyone from ESPN these days) MCed the event was also there doing "interviews" with various UCLA coaches..  He spoke about meeting Coach Wooden last summer interviewed Rick Neuheisel, Dan Guerrero, Coach Howland and Nikki Caldwell  on stage. The official tweeter account described Howland as "excited about the future".

Of course the event was all about fundraising. That seemed to go really well (at least per the tweets). As noted in fanshots Bruin student-athletes met their goal of raising $10,000 by selling 100 numbers for prizes for $100 each. Congrats to them. Jason Kapono donated $2500 for athletic scholarships during the auction (glad to hear Kapono was not too traumatized to be "coached" by one of the ultimate sleazebags/con artists in all of college hoops). A dinner with the Big Red and Jamaal Wilkes went for $2500 to two different people. That sounds like a pretty amazing experience if you are a Bruin hoops junkie.

So I reconstructed all of that thanks to UCLA AD's Official Twitter account from 3000 miles away during my morning coffee. I am sure I am not the only one who would love to hear lot more from those who attended the event. It would be fantastic if you can share your experience from it in our fanposts section. Sounds like it was a great experience for everyone.


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