UCLA/Pac-10 Lead The NBA In Number Of Players

Well UCLA is tied with Duke:

Duke, UCLA, Connecticut, and North Carolina take top honors of all 121 Division I teams that have at least one former player on 2009-2010 NBA opening-day rosters. Duke and UCLA are tied at the top of the heap with 14 former players on NBA payrolls, while Connecticut (13), North Carolina (13), and Arizona (10) all have at least 10 former players on 2009-10 opening-day NBA rosters. CBN has been tracking the origin of NBA players on NBA opening-day rosters since the 1986-1987 season, and there are four categories of players in our current list. Those categories are: 1) NBA players that attended Division I colleges; 2) NBA players that attended non-Division I colleges, including junior colleges; 3) NBA players that did not attend U.S. colleges (high school players); and 4) Foreign players that have no U.S. college experience. Foreign players that played for U.S. colleges are shown in the college list rather than the foreign players list. That explains the discrepancy between the number of foreign players shown in our list and the larger number of "international players" reported by the NBA. Only the last college a player attended is shown in cases where players on current NBA rosters attended more than one college.

What is even more interesting is how Pac-10 not ACC is the leading conference in terms of most NBA players produced per school:

For the first time in many years, the ACC did not head the list of conferences in producing NBA players. The Big East has the most former players in the NBA this season (55) for an average of 3.4 former players per school. However, the Pac-10 has the highest average number of former players per school at 5.0 along with a total of 50 players in the NBA. The ACC has 53 former players in the NBA for an average of 4.4 former players per school. The SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 round out the top 6 conferences in producing NBA players with averages of 3.3, 3.0, and 2.9 former players per school.

Perhaps it's worth breaking down those numbers even more. I think UCLA with all the NBA talents on its roster did pretty well by making it to three straight Final-4s. I know there are bummed feelings about how the third Final-4 went. Still no one can take that accomplishment away from Ben Howland. In contrast, it might be worth examining whether coaches like Lorezo Romar got the most out of the (NBA level) talent available on their roster.

The 14 former Bruins on the NBA roster currently are:

  • AA
  • JF
  • RW
  • DC
  • KL
  • RH
  • Trevor Ariza
  • Jason Kapono
  • Earl Watson
  • Dan Gadzuric
  • Baron Davis
  • Matt Barnes
  • Jrue Holiday

Here is to Barnes and JF facing off in the NBA finals.


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