[Update x2] Colorado Joins Pac-10: Thursday Conf. Realignment Thread

While all eyes are going to be on the University of Sleazy Cheaters (again no longer we have to use the word "alleged"), we may also be getting ready to welcome Colorado into our conference by the end of the day. In fact Jon Wilner is reporting that Colorado is going to accept an offer to join our conference today:

* Colorado "is likely to formally accept"  an invitation to join the Pac-10 on Thursday.

Repeat: Colorado to the Pac-10 on Thursday.

As for rest of the Big-12, situation is still fluid but could be rapidly changing:

* Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State are committed to joining the Pac-10 if Nebraska joins the Big Ten ... and they might do it even if Nebraska doesn't join the Big Ten.

"There are a lot of questions as to whether the Big 12 can stay together anyway, with all the dirty laundry that's been aired," the source said.

* If the Big 12 somehow stays intact, the Pac-10 will become the Pac-12, with Utah as the 12th member - that means two six-team divisions and a football championship game.

Ralphie Report has more on the consequences obviously from the perspective of a Buffs fan. I am definitely looking forward to crashing gbruin's castle every year in Colorado for a yearly BN roadtrip. May be?

Of course feel free to put up your fanpost if you have extended reflections and analysis on expansion and impact. For now let's use this thread for gathering breaking news on conference expansion stories and discussion on it.


UPDATE (N): Looks like its a done deal per the Daily Camera:


It's a done deal.

The University of Colorado will announce at an 11 a.m. Friday press conference that the school will leave the Big 12 and join the Pac-10.

Multiple sources confirmed the deal to the Camera early Thursday, and league officials are scheduled to be in Boulder on Friday for the announcement.

The new league will have at least 12 teams, and likely 16. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are also still on the Pac-10's docket, and most observers believe those schools are also ready to make the move to West Coast-based conference. The expanded conference would likely debut in time for the 2012 football season.

Colorado officials have spent the week working behind the scenes to make sure the school was part of the Pac-10's expansion plans. The deal was finalized Wednesday after CU's board of regents gave athletic director Mike Bohn the go-ahead to secure an invitation at a meeting Tuesday night in Denver.


Welcome to the Pac-9 (at least for 2 years) Buffs.


UPDATE II (N): It's officially official:

-The Pacific-10 Conference announced today that the University of Colorado at Boulder has accepted an invitation to join the Conference as its 11th member, the first new member since July 1, 1978.

"This is an historic moment for the Conference, as the Pac-10 is poised for tremendous growth.  The University of Colorado is a great fit for the Conference both academically and athletically and we are incredibly excited to welcome Colorado to the Pac-10," said Commissioner Larry Scott.  

"On behalf of The University of Colorado students, faculty, alumni and fans, we are proud to accept this invitation from the Pac-10 and join the most prestigious academic and athletic conference in the nation, " said Philip P. DiStefano, chancellor of CU-Boulder.

"The University of Colorado is a perfect match - academically and athletically - with the Pac-10," said University of Colorado President Bruce D. Benson,  "our achievements and aspirations match those of the universities in the conference and we look forward to a productive relationship."

Commissioner Scott, Chancellor DiStefano, President Benson, CU Board of Regents Chairman Steve Bosely and CU Athletics Director Mike Bohn and others will hold an official press conference on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 11 a.m. MT at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colo.

Congrats to Commissioner Scott and of course the Buff. Scott is off to a pretty good start.


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