To 2010 UCLA Graduates: Let's Share Our Favorite Bruin Sports Memories

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One year ago ago a thread like this went up on BN and it was very interesting to read what was the top 5 sports moments that people witnessed specifically during their time at UCLA.  I have been looking forward to putting my thoughts together after 5 years here at UCLA.  This was one of them:


Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez/US PRESSWIRE (via ESPN)

Being in the band has helped me to have certain experiences I otherwise wouldn't have had, and many of them can be found here.  So for those of us graduating this weekend, what were the top 5 UCLA sports moments during your time here?

Posted mine after the jump.

#5: UCLA vs Arizona mens basketball, 2008:  This game was gameday for ESPN.  I remember getting to pauley at 4 or 5 am so the band could be part of the broadcast for gameday.  There, one of the ESPN talking heads predicted that UCLA would lose to Arizona, and that that is just how it would be.  No matter how much we booed him, he refused to think that UCLA would beat Arizona.  Not only did we beat Arizona, we whooped them, and the fact that we made ESPN look so stupid made it all the more sweet.

#4: UCLA @ Tennessee football, 2009:  The band got to take about 50 of us to Tennessee this year, and when i think about my two big football trips (notre dame and this), I was by far more excited for this game, and that was before I won.  Walking into the stadium was definitely a major culture shock at how packed the stadium was, the unification of color, the fact that fans could be both classy and rabid in their support, how loud it got when the Tennessee band played rocky top, how things started off poorly for UCLA, how we came back, how we stopped them at the goal line,  and how the team came over to celebrate with the band after we had won.

#3:  13-9, football 2006.  Ok, i know most people are going to put this at the top of their list.  But when i was a kid i saw a good portion of the 8 year winning streak, and we were winning almost the entire second half.  Still, it has to go on my top 5 list.  no one outside of westwood thought we would win this game, and when it was still close going into halftime, i knew we wouldn't buckle in the 2nd half.  Everyone says that USC makes a run eventually, but that run never came, and 2 clutch stops in the 4th quarter preserved the win.  Because it was senior day, one of the most vivid memories i have is the band senior crying during the senior ceremony right after because they got to see UCLA beat USC for their last game in the rosebowl.  Of course, getting blowback from the teargas shot at the fans in my eyes wasn't so great.

#2:  UCLA @ USC women's volleyball, 2009.  Ok, so basketball and football are my two favorite sports, but when it comes to an individual game, the UCLA-USC womens volleyball game every year is my favorite, and it isn't even close.  My first game in the band my freshman year was UCLA-USC volleyball and it set the tone for my 5 years.  UCLA has had a habit of sweeping the trojans at pauley, and loosing on the road.  In 2008, 35 of us from the band went to the Galen center only to watch our bruins fall in a heart break 5 set game.  This year, 65 of us went, all with shirts provided by athletics, and blue shirts to swing around and distract USC, and once again were treated to a thrilling 5 set match, but this time UCLA came out on top.  Between being louder than anyone in their stadium, seeing us win for the first time in the galen center, the crazy celebration that broke out in the stands afterwards, and the appreciation from our team being there, this was probably my most favorite individual game of my 5 years.

#1: The bay area miracles, 2005-2006.  Ok ok, i'm cheating here and putting 3 moments, buy my freshman year, 3 times i went up to the bay area, and 3 times i was treated to a miraculous experience.  First, a 7-0 UCLA football team traveled up to Stanford only to fall behind by 21 with 8 minutes left.  I remember the despair in the band at that point, but what unfolded over the next 8 minutes and overtime is still one of the most amazing things i've ever seen, and those crappy first 52 minutes only made the ending that much more thrilling.  My lucky freshman year continued in early march, when the womens basketball team headed up as the 3 seed to san jose for the womens pac-10 tournament.  After rolling Cal in the first round, UCLA found itself in a tough struggle against 2 seed ASU, but pulled out a nail biting 1 point victory.  In the championship game against 1 seed stanford in front of a packed stanford crowd, UCLA faced a 10 point deficit with only minutes remaining in the game.  Sparked by a 4 point play by nikki blue, UCLA came back to force overtime and win the pac-10 tournament championship.  It was stunning and so exciting to be a apart of that celebration.  I wasn't gone from the bay area for long, as later that month i went up to oakland for the UCLA-Gonzaga game.  I don't think i need to remind anyone of that moment (in fact, i still see myself everytime in the youtube video showing it from the band perspective, when the camera pans the band).  What i remember most was from the time Luc made his shot to the about 30 seconds after the held ball call was made, it was deafening.  The noise never stopped, everyone was jumping, screaming, hugging, yelling, it was crazy and it was madness.

Other moments I considered: UCLA-Cal football 2005, UCLA-USC womens basketball pac-10 tournament 2010, UCLA-NC st. womens basketball NCAA first round 2010, UCLA vs Cal/Stanford mens basketball 2008.

Now please share yours.

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