[Update] Big-12 Bureaucrats’ Last Stand: Mon. Conf. Re-Alignment Thread

It looks like Big-1210 bureaucrats are making a last ditch stand to keep the conference intact. From ESPN:

As part of his strategy to keep the Big 12 Conference intact, commissioner Dan Beebe is trying to convince Texas -- the key -- and other schools that a 10-team model would still provide strong television revenue, a source familiar with Beebe's plan told ESPN's Joe Schad on Sunday.

Beebe has been told the loss earlier this week of Nebraska to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-10 could diminish the value of the Big 12 by as little as 8 to 10 percent.

Beebe is stressing the value of sharing revenue with fewer schools and collecting and distributing the departure penalties of Nebraska and Colorado, the source said.

Secondary elements of the pitch include keeping natural rivalries intact and considering the interests of both fans and student-athletes.

Under the plan, Texas could still conceivably pursue its own TV deal, something it would not be able to do in the Pac-10.

So really it's all about the world revolving around Texas. lol Interestingly schools who are trying to keep the conference intact are pointing to a concern some of us have been raising here on BN. The concern about "projections":

Schools in favor of keeping the Big 12 together are suggesting the Pac-10's plan is based largely on projections and that it's unclear exactly when a Pac-10 network would launch and how successful it could be.

More on how this last ditch plan (dubbed the "Beebe Plan") offers Big-1210 schools pondering about jumping out of the conference, from Chip Brown at, which has been all over this story in last few weeks:

--Beebe has secured information that enough money could be inked in its next TV negotiation (in 2011) that revenues per school would jump from between $7 million and $10 million in the Big 12 currently to $17 million beginning in 2012, which is what the SEC pays out.

--The 10 remaining Big 12 schools would divide up the more than $20 million in buyout penalties that will have to be paid by Colorado and Nebraska for leaving the league early.

--Individal institutions would be allowed to pursue their own networks, which has been a goal of Texas. If the Longhorns went to the Pac-10, they would have to forgo their own distribution platforms, including a network, because the Pac-16 would seek to have a conference network in which all inventory is shared.

(Consultants have put Texas' ability to generate revenue from its own network at between $3 million and $5 million after a start-up window of about three years.)

--The Big 12 would proceed with 10 teams. Everyone would play everyone in football, providing a nine-game conference schedule.

--The conference championship game would be dumped in the short-term (because the NCAA mandates 12 schools for a football title game).

--The loss of Nebraska and Colorado should have been a loss of about 16 percent to the league's revenue generating capacity. But because Colorado was an underperformer, the league lost only about 8.6 percent of its value with the loss of Nebraska, according to sources with knowledge of the Beebe Plan.

Guess we will have to stay tuned. The situation is very fluid at this point. Personally I don't really care about this all that much. I am still not sure how this expansion helps UCLA directly as an institution.

I am very uncomfortable with the idea of screwing around with traditions in college football (which is the heart and soul of this game). Plus, I am not going to be all shook up if we don't get few schools from Texas added to the conference.

Anyway, since it's the off-season, I guess it gives something to chat about. We will keep an eye on it. Let's use this post as our conference chatter open thread for today.


UPDATE (N): Latest update has Texas staying put in the Big-1210:

In a bombshell development that could bring a halt to seismic changes in college realignment, sources tell Texas has been convinced by a plan presented by commissioner Dan Beebe to stay in a 10-member Big 12.

UT officials are expected to announce their decision to remain in the Big 12 as early as Monday.

Such a move would appear to end a courtship between Texas and the Pac-10, which all but seemed solidified as of Friday when Nebraska announced it was heading to the Big Ten and Colorado had a press conference with its new commissioner - Larry Scott of the Pac-10.


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