ESPN's Alabama Comparison Makes Southern Cal Look Worse

ESPN's Ted Miller continues the propaganda campaign to minimize punishment of *$c by the NCAA over alleged violations by using the always mature "What I did isn't as bad as what he did" argument.  He then lists Alabama's major violations and comes to the conclusion that *$c's transgressions are far less offensive.

More than a few fans and, unfortunately, a few journalist [sic] have written or talked about this case being a litmus test for NCAA enforcement equity: USC must get hit as hard as Alabama in 2002.

Utter rubbish.

Utter rubbish is right.

If by that Miller meant that *$c's violations are actually worse than those of Alabama, he'd be credible.  But it’s clear his premise is that *$c doesn’t merit the same punishment that Alabama received.  Miller makes his point by comparing Alabama’s violations to those alleged of *$c.  Ok, let's see how *$c compares to the Crimson Tide.

1. An Alabama recruits’ parents received payments and lodging.  Reggie Bush. Check.

2. A recruit received a car. Joe McKnight.  Check.

3. Cash was paid to a high school coach to secure a recruit. Tim Floyd was caught funneling money to an agent in return for getting O.J. Mayo.  Check

4. An assistant coach received illegal loans. *$c had ineligible coaches "consulting" at practice.  No word on whether they were compensated in any way.  Maybe check.

Well, there are 4 of 5 major findings that *$c has matched.  Bama's 5th, sighting suspected boosters in a team hotel on the road is circumstantial.  And besides, presumably someone paid for those flat screens, cars, apartments, and the rest of the bennies for the trogans.  I'd almost rather it were boosters paying for this than *$c making those payments itself. 

But either way, Miller has it all wrong.  Side by side with Alabama, *$c’s not only matches Bama's violations, they go flying right past them.   *$c’s violations involve two programs, football and basketball.  And, of course, Miller totally neglects to address the additional issues that have been well documented including the litany of issues regarding player behavior, allegations of steroid use, academic fraud,  racism, or any of the previous violations and unethical actions of the new coaching staff.  If the NCAA is looking for the definition of lack of institutional control, they can find it here plain as day.

Using my 8 year old's tactic of "What I did wasn't as bad as what my sister did" is unprofessional, illogical, and immature.  And it doesn't work.

Yep.  No comparison by any objective measure.

No comparison is right.  Miller's attempt to minimize the trogies' errors by highlighting Alabama's actually makes *$c look far worse in comparison.  And their punishment should reflect that.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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