Pac 16?

After a series of articles, over the past few weeks, questioning the future of the Big 12, today's Houston Chronicle has an article discussing the potential move of 6 Big 12 teams to the Pac 10.

Under the plan, CU, OU, OSU, Texas, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech would join our Arizona teams to form an 8 team "southern division". 

Other stories have had Nebraska and Missouri going to the Big 10.

There have also been rumors, over the past months, that Texas A&M was considering a move to the SEC.

The discussions seem to be serious and have been acknowledged by the AD's involved.

In either event, I cannot see Texas and Texas A&M not being in the same conference. Their rivalry is fierce (on a par with our hatred of the trogans -- but state wide). Yes, you can have a rivalry outside a conference but it means so much more when conference championships and standings are on the line.

I've never liked the concept of mega-conferences. I think they are driven by TV economics and not what's best for the college experience. I like playing every team every year. It takes the "luck of scheduling" out of the standings competition. And, a smaller conference creates mini-rivalries and multi-year story lines.

Nestor and I shared a point in a recent, but unrelated thread, that I think is worth repeating.

Right now, UCLA, Cal and Stanford are competing in a conference in which not all of the teams share the same academic or admission standards -- and paying some price for doing so. Not one of the schools being considered for membership shares our high standards and some fall far below. I do not want to further dilute the Pac 10's concept of the "student athlete". 

That said, I am not totally against a realignment of the conference. My preference? I'd give sc a Pac 10 death penalty and get rid of them. Then, I'd add one more team, that shares our standards, to the conference. 

What do I think will happen? I think money will drive the expansion. And, we will suffer for it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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