Pete Carroll learned nothing from John Wooden

Thanks again goes out to snipestreet dot com for that priceless screen cap. -N

I was at first somewhat impressed that Cheatey Petey took time to mourn the passing of our beloved Coach.

But with each passing day, and each instance of Petey trying to appear as though he benefited from Coach’s teachings, I slowly emerge from my compassionate state and must take him to task.

Let’s just start with a few items from Coach’s Pyramid of Success and see how much Petey has learned, shall we?

Loyalty:  well that one is easy…sanctions coming to U$C, Petey bolting to the Seahawks.  And lest we forget, he was not exactly fair to Aaron Corp when he took the starting job away from him.  And who knows what he promised his stable of running backs.  Finally, he ended things with Norm Chow on a great note, didn’t he.

Cooperation:  Cheatey sure was cooperative when it came to agreeing to CRN’s proposal of having coaches’ kids on the sidelines.  Snoop Dogg, yes.  Kids, no.

Self-Control:  well, that’s pretty much disappeared from the coaching ranks…but the final TD against UCLA in 2009?  That's all Pete Carroll.

Confidence:  Sure.  Arrogance?  Absolutely!

Poise:  Loads of it, particularly against Stanford and against Oregon 

Competitive Greatness:  No Pete, “Always Compete” is not what Coach meant when he said this.  Only in hard competition will your team find Competitive Greatness.  Not in running up the score.

You see Pete, you can’t just pick and choose a few blocks of the Pyramid here and there to suit your needs and call yourself a success.  Sure, you had enthusiasm and instilled team spirit with your stupid pranks but they only showed how little respect you had for the game and for your players. 

And as if the Pyramid wasn’t enough, you have none of Coach’s traits.

You have no humility, as the “Humanitarian” title on your personal web site showed. 

Not once did Coach ask for a raise.  You asked for one every year with your NFL flirting.

Your compassion is seriously misplaced.

And here is what your players have learned from you: 

- Rey Rey dances

- LenDale loves tequila

- Cushing is juicing

- Reggie cheats and lies

- Clay Matthews starts a racist group

The list goes on and on and on...

Besides, you have your own pyramid that you can use now to teach your Seahawks players!

So please, Pete, do not try to associate yourself with our Coach.  You are the antithesis of everything he stood for.  You won one championship (maybe not) and whined about having another.  But you were never a Champion.  Champions are made at UCLA.

And you, “sir”, have learned NOTHING from John Wooden.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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