Southern Cal Boots Scandal Tainted AD Mike Garrett, Hires Pat Haden

Mike Garret leaves a legacy of running a scandal tainted shady program which is par for the course in Southern Cal's long and ugly history of cheating. Photo Credit: J. Rosenfeld

The news comes via Bill Dwyre in the Trojan Times:

Longtime USC favorite son Pat Haden will replace Mike Garrett as athletic director, beginning Aug. 3.

The official announcement is expected to come later Tuesday from the school's president-elect, Max Nikias, who will take over the position from retiring Steven Sample. That transition will also occur Aug. 3.

Garrett, the school's former Heisman Trophy-winning running back who has been USC's athletic director for the last 17 years, is expected to take the school's retirement package. He is 66.

Garrett came under fire recently when USC was put on four years probation by the NCAA for a series of violations, primarily involving its football program, that added up to a lack of institutional control. That kind of NCAA action almost always results in fingers being pointed at the athletic director, and Nikias' action appears to be in response to those NCAA penalties.

Haden is a pure Trojan but it seems like he at least has a little class:

"Our goal will be to compete ferociously but also ethically," Haden said. "There are plenty of models for that out there. Winning any way other than the right way is not winning at all."

He said his guideline on that has never changed, that he would never do anything he knew would embarrass his mom.

"She's no longer alive," he said, "but that doesn't change my rule."

Those comments are laudable but his true colors shines through when he says things like this:

Haden said that, as a member of the board of trustees, he steered clear of most things involving athletics. He added, "I would give Mike Garrett pretty good grades. For the most part, USC stayed out of trouble."

Uh yeah. Giving someone "good grades" for running perhaps the most corrupt athletic program in modern history of college sports? I guess he is using the same grading curve as Senora Ross.

We will hear a lot of flowery words from Haden and the Trogan brass in next few days. None of that is going to matter all that much if they keep pursuing their bogus appeal and let Hello Kiffin run lose. Guess we will find out how they are going operate in the coming weeks.


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