Interesting Numbers On Pac-10 Schools' Football Expenses, Revenues & Wins

For a program that has been slowly recovering last two years from a decade of incompetent leadership at head coaching position, UCLA football is not doing so bad. Per the link above, UCLA since 2005 ranks 4th in the Pac-10, in terms of expenses for football ($18.39 million) behind Southern Cal, Cal, and Washington.


Expenses (in millions)
1. Southern California
2. California
3. Washington
5. Arizona State
6. Oregon
7. Stanford
8. Arizona
9. Oregon State
10. Washington State
My two cents: There's no questioning USC's dominance in the Pac-10 in the past few years. However, perhaps a more impressive feat has been what Oregon State has managed despite being saddled with the Pac-10's second lowest football budget. The Beavers have 19 league wins the past three years and 28 league wins in the past five years, both totals trailing only USC and Oregon. The Ducks, for all the attention the school gets for being Team Nike, only have the league's sixth-highest budget. Perhaps Steve Sarkisian will turn around Washington's fortunes, but the Huskies' have clearly underachieved of late. Washington has the Pac-10's third-highest budget, but hasn't had a winning season since 2002. Pac-10's best bang for the buck: Oregon State. Most financially irresponsible: Washington.


The comments note mine. They are from Brett McMurphy who put together the three part series. Couple of interesting data points. Here are schools' record against opponents who spend less money:

School Win % Record
Washington State 1.000 4-0
USC .854 53-9
Oregon .735 25-9
California .698 37-16
Arizona State .611 11-7
Oregon State .588 10-7
Arizona State .583 21-15
UCLA .558 24-19
Stanford .550 11-9
Washington .282 13-33

Could mean few things. I love the fact that UCLA never backs down against playing anyone. However, when I see schedule like this season, I think CRN and the administrators need to think a little more about balancing schedules that gives young teams room to grow. Here are also the results against schools who spend more money:

School Win % Record
Oregon .678 19-9
USC .667 2-1
Oregon State .627 27-16
UCLA .500 10-10
Arizona .384 15-24
Arizona State .375 9-15
Stanford .297 11-26
California .250 2-6
Washington State .222 12-42
Washington .214 3-11

That is not bad considering the terrible years we have experienced and again shows the upside of our program should it continue to advance under CRN along the deliberate trajectory from last two years.

In terms of revenue UCLA ranks at the 8th spot with $8.25 million in profits. However, the number is tightly bunched.



1 Oregon State $18.35
2 Washington $15.64
3 USC $13.83
4 Arizona State $12.64
5 Oregon $8.92
6 California $8.62
7 Arizona $8.31
8 UCLA $8.25
9 Washington State $2.48
10 Stanford $0.66


Oregon interestingly comes in at 5th at $8.92 million (despite all that Nike money)and Washington State is 9th at $2.48 and Stanford is at 10th at $0.66 million. So lot of room for growth for the Bruins as our program is on track for steady progress under CRN. Meanwhile, the Stanford numbers just underscores the obstacles for Harbaugh and shows he is not likely a long term viable option for the Cardinal. I am guessing sooner or later he will bolt for a program with more serious commitment to having a football program.

You can also see the basketball numbers here.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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