UCLA Baseball's Prodigious Freshmen: Comparing 2010 To 1995 & 2006

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UCLA had four freshmen players including Beau Amaral pictured below who had significant at bats this year:


Photo Credit: Brad Williams (UCLA Athletics)

I went back and looked at a couple of other UCLA freshmen classes that had four position players with significant at bats for comparison, and this years class stacks up very well


  • Troy Glaus 217 AB 46 Runs 12 HRS 39 RBI's .258 BA .348 OBA .456 SA
  • Eric Byrnes 238 AB  45 Runs 9 HRS 35 RBI's .324 BA .380 OBA .500 SA
  • Pete Zamora 244 AB 39 Runs 6 HRS 48 RBI's .295 BA .389 OBA .430 SA
  • Nick Theodorou 62 AB 15 Runs 0 HRS 6 RBI's .306 BA .462 OBA .419 SA

Total for 95 Freshmen 761 AB 145 Runs 27 HRS 128 RBI's .294 BA .381 OBA .458 SA


  • Ryan Babineau 178 AB 24 Runs 6 Hrs 25 RBI's .258 BA, .332 OBA, .404 SA
  • Brandon  Crawford 242 AB, 42 Runs 6 HRS 30 RBI's .318 BA, .378 OBA .500 SA
  • Jerome Curtis 146 AB 34 Runs 0 HRS 21 RBI's .336 BA, .457 OBA 473 SA
  • Cody Decker 63 AB 9 Runs 5 HRS 13 RBI's .302 BA .343 OBA .571 SA

Total for 06 Freshmen 629 AB 109 Runs 17 HRS 89 RBI's .303 BA .382 OBA  .473 SA.

Now let's compare those numbers to 2010 freshmen after the jump.

2010 Freshmen

  • Beau Amaral 223 AB 45 Runs 4 HRS 31 RBI's .354 BA. .442 OBA, .462 SA
  • Cody Keefer 148 AB 29 Runs 2 HRS 31 RBI's .318 BA, .450 OBA  .419 SA
  • Cody Regis 189 AB 41 Runs 9 HRS 47 RBI's .312 BA .429 OBA .556 SA
  • Jeff Gelalich 78 AB 17 Runs 2 HRs 13 RBI's .321 BA .465 OBA .474 SA

Total for 2010 Freshmen 638 AB 132 Runs 17 HRS 122 RBI's .329 BA .440 OBA .481 SA

The current freshmen had the highest aggregate Batting Average, On Base Average and Slugging Average.  Considering that the 1995 freshmen and the 2006 freshmen were both top five classes, this is pretty impressive

If you compare third basemen, Regis did substantially better than Glaus as a freshmen in every category except for HR's, and Glaus played before the restrictions on aluminum bats. Glaus improved substantially in his Sophomore and Junior years,  and no one knows whether Regis will do the same, but this is still a pretty impressive indicator of  how good a freshmen year Regis had. 

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